Friday, 18 October 2013

New Music: 5AM IN ILORIN

Bamidele Alade a.k.a Booz is a 400 level student of the University of Ilorin who has spent the better part of his years developing his passion for music and honing his lyrical prowess.
Booz is widely popular among musicians and music lovers alike in the Ilorin metropolis and due to popular demand he has been working on his debut mixtape aptly titled 'YOUNG HANDSOME and FOCUSED'.
5AM IN ILORIN is the first single off the mixtape. The track which has been critically acclaimed by hiphop heads around the country is a unique cover of Drake's 5AM IN TORONTO. It features Booz's lyrical prowess and adept wordplay. Critics and fans alike agree this is a track unlike any other and indeed leaves one anticipating the #YHFmixtape. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Face of the week.

Full name: Liman Ayodele Bilikis

Nickname: Sunshine

D.O.B: 21 / 05 / 19**

Relationship status: In a relationship

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, swimming...
Addiction(s): Making up

Most embarrassing experience:nil

Views on religion: I am neutral

Your song of the moment: Eminado by Tiwa savage ft Don-jazzy

What song do you sing in the bathroom: Listen by Beyonce

Sports: Swimming

Favorite food: Well... I just love good favorites

Celebrity crush: Jason derulo

Dream country: Paris

Dream Car: A Red rangeover sport..

what's that one thing you want so bad right now: A car...I am sick of trekking

Do you like the fact that we have to be dressed in white&Black everyday?(And why): yeah I like word " class"

Instagram or twitter?(And why): twitter... Well, cos its "twitter" :)

Biggie or Tupac?(And why): Tupac

Craziest online experience: nil

Where do you see yourself in 7 years: I see me as a Mother of 2, an Aviation lawyer...nd a great wife

Twitter handle: @cuteeliman

Instagram handle: nil

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

First class idiot.


Tell it to all Nigerian undergraduates. Tell them over and over till it starts ringing in their ears. That long gone are the days when students were worshipped merely because they have a first class degree. I do not underrate academic excellence in any way. As a matter of fact, I believe that what is worth doing at all should be well done. Therefore, spending 4 or 5 years (or even more, courtesy of ASUU strike) in an institution should be 'resultful'.
In an educational system that is way behind globally, a student must not be caught in the waves of the current status quo, lest he be swept away unto the island of oblivion.
Employers no longer tremble at the sight of a first class certificate. NO. They need results. They need someone who has something to offer. Someone who can bring something tangible to the table. Someone whose creativity can positively impact the organization.
The world is now competitive, more than ever and the Nigerian student must learn that 'la cramme la poure' has become a blunt albeit redundant tool in this battle. For those who do not know, 'la cramme la poure' is a system where a student crams(memorizes) his note or a material supplied by the lecturer, reproduces it exactly on the answer sheet, gets a good grade and forgets it as soon as the exams are over.
Tell it to the students. Tell them over and over till it starts ringing in their ears. That a first class degree will only get you to the stage. Once there, the audience will be earnestly awaiting you Performance and if you do not meet up they boo you out of the stage. That a first class degree only gets you as far as a room, across an interview panel and it does not guarantee you a job. That a first class degree does not automatically translate to first class career.
What am I saying? Students must learn beyond the chalk board. Students must read outside their expired, rarely updated curriculum. Students must learn soft skills. They must make efforts to get adequate exposure. These are what makes you stand out. Not a certificate you cannot defend after a year due to the amnesia after effect of 'la cramme la poure'.
Lecturers should encourage creativity in the classes. Spur students to think outside the box, to constructively criticize their lesson notes. Marking schemes should only be a guide and not an original that must be photocopied exactly.
check round, do your research, follow the successful people. Ask them questions, and they will tell you their current status is not primarily a result of their class of Degree.
Tell it to all Nigerian undergraduates. Tell them over and over till it starts ringing in their ears. That they should strive to graduate with the best results possible (have a first class if they can). However, they should go a step further to ensure they can defend that certificate, and ultimately compete favourably globally by acquiring such knowledge, exposure and experience as necessary. Otherwise, risk becoming a first class idiot.
Using a Biblical analogy, let me end by saying: For 'la cramme la poure' profits a little but the real knowledge and skills are profitable for all things.
Tobi Amoo
Tobi Amoo

Monday, 7 October 2013

Face of The Week

Full Name: POPOOLA TAIWO SHEHU.                              
Nickname: popson.                                                                     

Free beats from TeeFwesh .

TeeFwesh an outstanding upcoming producer is making his first online appearance by putting out beats for you guys to drop bars on, after taking music-producing as a career for a while now. He produced for a bunch of artistes -the made and upcoming both. He is well known for his creativity and the aura of excellence he posseses when it comes to spicing up beats with extraordinary rhythm and melody. TeeFwesh has a very

Friday, 4 October 2013


Yet another beautiful piece from Tinu H.K
The sea of the sky cries blue tears from one eye, From these blue tears,the tiny birds fly. Different birds from different levels of pain, On the wings of these birds are lifeless uncomfortables. The uncomfortables brought