Saturday, 6 July 2013


On the heel of the release of his follow up singles to the Club Anthems "Sho Lee" & "Boogie Down", Yemi caught up with the fast rising Afro-pop sensation. Here are excerpts from the Discussion

YEMI : Give us a Basic Introduction about yourself.
SeanTizzle : My real names are Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele Morihanfen from Ondo state; I am from a family of 6 but lost my sister few years back so now we are 5. I’m the second to the last child. I attended C&S Primary School, Command Secondary School, Ibadan, then University of Ibadan where I studied Theatre Art.

YEMI : When did you start music?
SeanTizzle : Professionally, I started music about 5 years ago

YEMI : What were your parents' 1st view about you going into music?
SeanTizzle : parents have been supporting from day 1

YEMI : If Not Music, What would you be doing? 
SeanTizzle : Nothing else Music is all i know

YEMI : With just two major singles out you are arguably one of the hottest artists in Naija, how does this make you feel?
SeanTizzle : Wow, it feels great! But again, it only shows I have to work harder.

YEMI : A lot of people feel you look like Davido. What do you feel about this? And does this have any effect whatsoever on your music?
SeanTizzle : I think its a great feeling for people to compare me to Davido, His like my brother and NO his music doesn't affect mine. 

YEMI : When and How did you meet D'tunes?
SeanTizzle : I met D’Tunes in 2009 in a studio at Ikorodu, here in Lagos. We just connected and ever since, we have been friends.

YEMI : How do you manage you handle the fame and attention especially from the female audience?
SeanTizzle : I love my Female fans and i'm sure they love me in return.

YEMI : What inspired your hit single 'Sho le'?
SeanTizzle : God and a good beat from Dtunes Again Ooo

YEMI : What is 'the chronicles of sean tizzle' all bout? And what inspired it?
SeanTizzle : The chronicles of Sean Tizzle is showing my fans the other side of me they don't get to see on a daily.

YEMI : How has the music Hustle been generally? Has it been easy or otherwise?
SeanTizzle : Its been smooth, but we are still going hard and we thank God

YEMI : How has Music affected your personal life?
SeanTizzle : I'm still Me

YEMI : With your hot singles, we are all anticipating your album. When do you plan to drop it?
SeanTizzle : The thing about album is that it has to come with great demand from fans so once again, I will let my fans and label decide that too.

YEMI : How do you relax?
SeanTizzle : Listen to Music, Watch movies, Play Video games

YEMI : What inspires you to make the good music you that you make?
SeanTizzle : Basically God and great beats from Dtunes and My Environment 

YEMI : What advise do you have for upcoming artists out ?
SeanTizzle : Work hard pray hard.

Thanks a lot for your time Mr.Sean Tizzle. God bless

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