Saturday, 27 July 2013

Up, Close & Personal with Dammy Krane.

Up, Close and Personal: Yemi meets up with the 'My Dear' crooner. They talk about how he started music,how he met 2face and got signed and many other issues. ENJOY

Yemi: Hello Mr Dammy Krane. How is the Body?
Dammy: Ko le re body!!!

Yemi: So, Tell Us who "Dammy Krane" is.
Dammy: Dammy Krane is that jolly good fellow that lights up the room. He is the
enterkraner of life. lol

Yemi: How did it all start for You? The Music thing.
Dammy: I grew up in music.

Yemi: Give us an insight into your educational background
Dammy: I go primary school and secondary school...I am still in Uni

Yemi: What was your family's reaction when you said You wanted to do Music
Dammy: I was disowned lol, but I have full support of my parents now

Yemi: How has fame affected Your personal life?
Dammy: It has not affected me in any way o!
Yemi: Talking about Fame. How did You meet 2Face and get the Hypertek records
Dammy: That story long o!!!! lol. anyway  I was invited to tubaba’s birthday party by
my friend Iyad. I was sitting in the corner as there were a lot of big acts
there, when iyad shouted my name to come closer. That was when Tuface asked
where is Dammy Krane because he had been hearing about me and he had seen me perform. The rest they say is history lol
Yemi: Did You have any deal before the Hypertek deal?
Dammy: No

Yemi: Your hit song "My Dear" what was the inspiration behind the song?
Dammy: From God
Yemi: When is your album coming out?
Dammy: Before the end of 2013 hopefully

Yemi: How do you cope with Your Female fans?
Dammy: Its Dammy Krane for the girls….i love my fans

Yemi: What's your most memorable moment as an artist?
Dammy: There are a lot!!! One time I was having an outdoor photo shoot and me and
my  crew noticed a secondary school girl pass on a bike (okada) and she was
hitting  the okada man to stop, she got down straightened her skirt and came over to me  for a picture

Yemi: So, Mr Krane, give us a brief idea of what a typical day is like for you.
Dammy: There is no typical in my day lol

Yemi: Can you tell us why you chose this genre considering everybody is doing hip hop?
Dammy: I grew up around fuji, my mum managed fuji artist. But don’t get it twisted my  genre aint pure fuji, it’s a mixture
Yemi: What's the most scandalous rumour You've heard about Yourself?
Dammy: It’s still to come

Yemi: You are such an energetic performer. How do you manage to stay fit?
Dammy: I take gingervite! lol

Yemi: Is Dammy Krane single / In a Relationship & tell us the features of you i
deal woman.

Dammy: Dammy Krane is single, my ideal woman is ‘the African woman’

Yemi: Any words for Your fans?

Dammy: Stay positive, God first and remain humble in whatever you do



  1. Nice interview bro!!!! Funny as well!!! Keep it up

  2. Please tell Dammy Krane I'm an African woman.He should come and marry me.:D

  3. Dammy Krane is funny!!!

  4. Its Dammy Krane for the girls oooh...for the boys nko?

    1. For the boys?? Are u gay?? Hahaha

    2. Hahahaha I just wanna know abi na crime ?

    3. Yes o..its a crime. 14yrs.. Put ur name sef.. Make I knw d gay

    4. Lol haba easy naw .you funny oooh

  5. Lolz i love Dammykrane mehn buh e dey dodge ques sha

  6. Yemi,Good job mahn!Proud of you as hell.

  7. Yemi,Good job mahn!Proud of you as hell.

  8. Nice job with this blog, guys!
    But this interview is obviously not conversational; doesn't really flow and there ain't real sync - if you get what I'm saying. Some answers are just vague, and a next question to clarify further would have done justice to 'em. But d interviewer keeps going on like every answer is perfect. This could get people believing they NEVER MET. Sounds much like an exchanged email...or some bbm stuff @ best.
    I ain't criticizing, just critiquing encourage d interviewer he can do beta dan a typical Nigerian Q&A interview nxt time.
    Make it conversational - and be flexible too. Play wit d interviewee; its a social interview. Make d interviewee answer ur questions and make him explain or expatiate wia necessary. And be dynamic - we tired of all these 'typical day' and 'female fans' questions. Let ur interview av a theme. U should know wat u want to achieve b4 u even draft ur questions. Dis will make ur interview deeper and readers wud av sth new 2 hold.
    More grace bro...kip it up!

    1. Cool story bro.. Go and open ur own blog and try to get celebs to interview on it. Like its as easy as that?... Plz if u dnt av sumtin better to say, LEAVE! The guys behind this blog are tying dier best to give their sch or faculty or waeva it is dier best den ur here giving 'constructive criticism'.. Big ups to the minds behind this Jere. Keep the good work up. Nice starting point.

    2. Lol...people like you won't allow really creative ppl 2 get better in their arts. D guys behind dis blog are my personal niggaz, my gr8 frnds... n I intentionally wrote dat 2 kick em in d butt so I can see dem beta in wat dey doin. I luv em big n support em big. Wish u weren't as faceless as ur comment so I'd know how 2 handle u.

  9. I luff his dimples ♥_♥