Sunday, 28 July 2013



Like the weight of a piece of rock, or so it felt

Like the size of my fist, or so it looked
Like the flash of lightening followed by a rumble of thunder
The weight of the rock the size of my fist tore through me.
I cried…. Or so I thought.
I couldn’t think, nor move
Blind as a bat and numb as ice
I felt it once then again and again and again
And it just wouldn’t stop
I begged and begged
But all to no avail
In my mind, I went to a dark place
And once I was there, I couldn’t go back.
In that dark place, all there was as me and darkness, it was my companion, my comfort, my life and soul…. My everything!!
I was in it and it was in me..
At first, it enveloped me, engulfed me. I was going to drown in the darkness, all alone with no one to hold. But then the darkness grew into me, and I in to it. We became one and the same person.
Its reason for being there was anger, rage and sadness
And those were my reasons too.
In that instant I made a connection with the darkness in my soul, I knew I would not remain the same person ever again. And so with all my might I fought and pushed and shoved.
It was almost like I wasn’t myself for some seconds, but I really wasn’t myself. I let the darkness awake!!! And with its wake came extra-ordinary power.
I liked that strength
That power that took over me and I wasn’t going to let it go, not then not ever.
It seemed an eternity
A whole lifetime of numbing pain just searing though me
I couldn’t move my legs….
Like lead they felt, or so I thought
Slowly, like snails they moved or so I thought
At the pace of a snail and the heaviness of lead
Gently but quickly, slowly but hastily
I moved
And pushed
And shoved
And fought…..
I know
It's done already and there's nothing I can do to take it back,
But that don’t mean I can't fight
That don't mean I should stop hoping
That don’t mean I should live with the fear of the past
I am strong now!!
I have that darkness awake in me,
Like the tailed beasts of the leaf and sand clans,
I am the jinchuriki of this darkness.
It won't take over me nor I over it
But like the coursing of a river, we flow together.
Forget the sweet words,
Forget the rhymes,
This is nought but the feelings of one who has been robbed.
Forget the smiles,
They are all a lie.
But never forget the past,
For it is who you are.

 By Tinu H.K


  1. Great piece. This gal is deep

  2. Pretty good piece but Sometimes we have to forget the past to move on.

  3. Deep...I can relate with that

  4. When I first saw this...'lady' there was something different...all she talked about was pain over and over. She made it look more than she said and even more than there was but not until very recently did I find an answer.legend has it the chosen are endowed with 'pain' and accompanying are kindreds their spirits keep whispering the voices keeps coming and forever but these voices only cease when you put pen to paper even at every accomplishment just for a lil short while which is why when a chosen one is caused even the berest pain she feels more than there is. She sees every single thing feels every single thing but the spirits cause more and she says very little a thing of them you can only imagine.she is a writer! :)

  5. Thank you very much people...God bless.