Tuesday, 30 July 2013



I await the waking of dawn,
Lying down on the lawn,
I see the princesses of the sky kingdom,
Spreading, magically the light of dawn.
I hope,
I wait,
Though slowly, is the waking of dawn,
I know for sure, it will be done.
I hope,
I pray,
That the waking of dawn,
Will bring none, but the best of luck,
And i know deep in my heart,
The dawn will wake and bring with it HOPE and WAKING.

By Tinu H.K

B-Red Celebrates Birthday.

B-Red Celebrates Birthday.

So last Thursday, ‘The Place lounge’ at Lekki was on a complete shutdown with the HKN Gang artist celebrating his birthday in collaboration with Cool FM for their playlist party. Though his birthday was on the 23rd of July, he moved the celebration to the 25th of July (Thursday). He returned to Nigeria a day to the celebration after being in the U.S.A for over a month in the course time which he also dropped his single with Shizzi (HKN’s In house producer) titled ‘Love you die’ {Download link: http://t.co/Opflupmifc  }

Personally, I was there to celebrate and so I got a couple of photos I’d share with ya’ll.  It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t get photos of all the major persons present at the party, you can’t blame me though, I was having so much fun balling with my nigga B-red and other HKN gang members at the party that I forgot about photos. lol. I tried getting a couple more from other sources thoug.The party was free for all (no pass was required), but the VIP section was definitely restricted. Loads of artists, producers, director, managers, actors, actresses, and entertainers were present at the occasion.
Some of the major celebrities who were present are Davido, Tuface, Flowssick, Shank, Kcee, Harry Songs, Chairman HKN, DeeKay HKN, Danagog HKN, Skuki, king Jhafi, Dj exclusive , Npz, Eniola Badmus, Efa,  Solid star, Jaymavin, and many of others. Lemme share some photos with ya’ll…

Bday boy
With B-red

Davido arrives in his whip

DJ Olu HKN, O.B.O with Shank behind them

Oil prince(An artist manager) with Chairman HKN

Shank and I after the party

B-red with Oil prince(An artist manager)

with Dj Exclusive of EME

B-red with a maimed fan
JJC performing with a live band

Davido performing with B-red

Tu baba in the building

B-red and King Jhafi after the party

Party on fire

B-red with body guards

B-red showing love to the streets

Solid Star

Shank and B-red after the party

Sunday, 28 July 2013



Like the weight of a piece of rock, or so it felt

Like the size of my fist, or so it looked
Like the flash of lightening followed by a rumble of thunder
The weight of the rock the size of my fist tore through me.
I cried…. Or so I thought.
I couldn’t think, nor move
Blind as a bat and numb as ice
I felt it once then again and again and again
And it just wouldn’t stop
I begged and begged
But all to no avail
In my mind, I went to a dark place
And once I was there, I couldn’t go back.
In that dark place, all there was as me and darkness, it was my companion, my comfort, my life and soul…. My everything!!
I was in it and it was in me..
At first, it enveloped me, engulfed me. I was going to drown in the darkness, all alone with no one to hold. But then the darkness grew into me, and I in to it. We became one and the same person.
Its reason for being there was anger, rage and sadness
And those were my reasons too.
In that instant I made a connection with the darkness in my soul, I knew I would not remain the same person ever again. And so with all my might I fought and pushed and shoved.
It was almost like I wasn’t myself for some seconds, but I really wasn’t myself. I let the darkness awake!!! And with its wake came extra-ordinary power.
I liked that strength
That power that took over me and I wasn’t going to let it go, not then not ever.
It seemed an eternity
A whole lifetime of numbing pain just searing though me
I couldn’t move my legs….
Like lead they felt, or so I thought
Slowly, like snails they moved or so I thought
At the pace of a snail and the heaviness of lead
Gently but quickly, slowly but hastily
I moved
And pushed
And shoved
And fought…..
I know
It's done already and there's nothing I can do to take it back,
But that don’t mean I can't fight
That don't mean I should stop hoping
That don’t mean I should live with the fear of the past
I am strong now!!
I have that darkness awake in me,
Like the tailed beasts of the leaf and sand clans,
I am the jinchuriki of this darkness.
It won't take over me nor I over it
But like the coursing of a river, we flow together.
Forget the sweet words,
Forget the rhymes,
This is nought but the feelings of one who has been robbed.
Forget the smiles,
They are all a lie.
But never forget the past,
For it is who you are.

 By Tinu H.K

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Up, Close & Personal with Dammy Krane.

Up, Close and Personal: Yemi meets up with the 'My Dear' crooner. They talk about how he started music,how he met 2face and got signed and many other issues. ENJOY

Yemi: Hello Mr Dammy Krane. How is the Body?
Dammy: Ko le re body!!!

Yemi: So, Tell Us who "Dammy Krane" is.
Dammy: Dammy Krane is that jolly good fellow that lights up the room. He is the
enterkraner of life. lol

Yemi: How did it all start for You? The Music thing.
Dammy: I grew up in music.

Yemi: Give us an insight into your educational background
Dammy: I go primary school and secondary school...I am still in Uni

Yemi: What was your family's reaction when you said You wanted to do Music
Dammy: I was disowned lol, but I have full support of my parents now

Yemi: How has fame affected Your personal life?
Dammy: It has not affected me in any way o!
Yemi: Talking about Fame. How did You meet 2Face and get the Hypertek records
Dammy: That story long o!!!! lol. anyway  I was invited to tubaba’s birthday party by
my friend Iyad. I was sitting in the corner as there were a lot of big acts
there, when iyad shouted my name to come closer. That was when Tuface asked
where is Dammy Krane because he had been hearing about me and he had seen me perform. The rest they say is history lol
Yemi: Did You have any deal before the Hypertek deal?
Dammy: No

Yemi: Your hit song "My Dear" what was the inspiration behind the song?
Dammy: From God
Yemi: When is your album coming out?
Dammy: Before the end of 2013 hopefully

Yemi: How do you cope with Your Female fans?
Dammy: Its Dammy Krane for the girls….i love my fans

Yemi: What's your most memorable moment as an artist?
Dammy: There are a lot!!! One time I was having an outdoor photo shoot and me and
my  crew noticed a secondary school girl pass on a bike (okada) and she was
hitting  the okada man to stop, she got down straightened her skirt and came over to me  for a picture

Yemi: So, Mr Krane, give us a brief idea of what a typical day is like for you.
Dammy: There is no typical in my day lol

Yemi: Can you tell us why you chose this genre considering everybody is doing hip hop?
Dammy: I grew up around fuji, my mum managed fuji artist. But don’t get it twisted my  genre aint pure fuji, it’s a mixture
Yemi: What's the most scandalous rumour You've heard about Yourself?
Dammy: It’s still to come

Yemi: You are such an energetic performer. How do you manage to stay fit?
Dammy: I take gingervite! lol

Yemi: Is Dammy Krane single / In a Relationship & tell us the features of you i
deal woman.

Dammy: Dammy Krane is single, my ideal woman is ‘the African woman’

Yemi: Any words for Your fans?

Dammy: Stay positive, God first and remain humble in whatever you do


Sunday, 14 July 2013


I sit back and reminisce the old days where we Nigerians gave little or no ears to our own music. It was all about the foreign music. The American music to be precise(and maybe the 'Makosa' beats amongst others).
I'm talking about the days when artists such as Sisquo, Usher! Wyclef and the likes were the "real deal".
Over the years however, the Nigerian music industry has grown and a lot of attention has been given to our very own 'Jamz'..
The year 2005 marked as a major breakthrough in the Nigerian music industry with the likes of DBanj, Tuface who came to set a pace for other artists.. Also the Nigerian hip hop scene was also quite dormant till the major breakthrough of the likes of Naeto C (You know my P [2008], M.I (Talk about it [2008]).. These artists also paved way for yoruba rap acts like of Lord of Ajasa, Da'Grin (In blessed memory)...
        However, despite the massive boost of the Nigerian music industry within and outside Africa, not enough recognition was the giving to the was music producers who are the major tools in the hits hitting the streets every day in the Nigerian Music industry..
I can state arguably that the music producers' work in a song is up to 50 percent of the whole work of art. If a beat is 'wack', there is every chance that the song is gonna be 'wack'...
On the other hand, if a beat is 'dope', but the artist is not 'all that', such artist can still manage to make a great track out of such beat.
In a place like the U.S.A, where producers have always been recognized. The likes of Quincy Jones, Dre Dre, Scott Storch,Timbaland,  are forces to reckon with in the music industries.
Dre for instance has been relevant ever since the days of 'N***ars* with attitude' and most definitely is still a 'boss'. Scott storch who was really active around 2005 while working with terror squad and many other artists seems to have been quiet for quite some time now. Timbaland killed it back in 2007 with many tunes and collaborations. He had also been in limelight since the days of 'Timbaland&Magoo'.
Unlike in Nigeria, producers have always been respected and well paid.
        However, the year 2005 marked a great turn around in the Nigerian music industry. With the entry of the producer, Don Jazzy into the music industry. As the in house producer of the then 'Mo-Hits' all Don Jazzy did was produce hit tracks.
Subsequently, so many producers began to emerge and today we have loads of producers out in the industry who create hits everyday.
In the light of all the above,I would be talking about ten producers in the music industry who are holding it down real tight. However, I'd like to point out the fact that this list is in no particular order. Its just a list of Nigerian music producers who I think are doing great work in the industry.

So many say he is the greatest producer Nigeria has produced.
Don Jazzy has been present since the days of 'JJC and 419 Squad'. He started Mo-hits with D'banj back in 2004 and has been relevant ever since then. Steady producing hits year after year Don Jazzy has never relented. He produced most of the songs on D'banj first album 'No long thing'. Same applies to 'Run Down' which is Dbanj's second album which features the monster hit 'Why me'.
Don Jazzy went ahead to murder Curriculum Vitae, which I'll tag as one of the greatest albums in Nigeria in recent times. This was the first and only album by the whole mohit crew.
Subsequently, 'The Entertainer' album was dropped from the Mo-Hit camp. This album which emerged as one of the best Albums in africa in the year 2008 was also got major production from Don Jazzy. Don Jazzy also produced Wande Coal's 'M2M' album which is personally one of my favorites. After Mo-hit split us, he started Mavin record and continued to make hits. The kick is on and blazing in the street today.
He recently was rated as the 36th. "Most
powerful celebrity in Africa" according to
sarz who is signed to Trybe record came all of a sudden into the music industry and had began to bully the industry ever since. Young and vibrant, Sarz produces a lot of pop music.  Sarz produced a lot of hits in the EME album and went further to murder it by making 'Samba' which has been a club banger since the time of release till now.
As far as the Naija music scene is concerned, sarz is another major force to reckon with.
D'Tunes who came to limelight after producing 'Kukere' which happened to be one of the hottest tunes in Nigeria as at 2012. He produced eight songs on Iyanya’s album.
However, prior to this, he had worked with artists like 9ice( on Bashorun Gaa) Tuface, Faze, Ruggedman, amongst others.
D’Tunes  set up his own music label,
Difference Entertainment, and signed on
Sean Tizzle whose single Sho Le is hitting up the airwaves.

4) Samklef : 
Samkef who produced a large part of wizkid's 'superstar' album has been in limelight for a couple of years now in the nigerian music industry. He produced wizkid's monster hit 'Don't dull'. A beat which Tyga of YMCMB alsso jumped on for a freestyle on Tim Westwood's show and this video got loads of views on youtube
He has worked with several other artists like Durella, Olamide, vector, Rugged man, skales and so many.
Samklef however is still steady making hits everyday in Naija.
5) Shizzi:
He produced Dami Duro which is the hit single which brough Davido to limelight. He is signed to HKN as the in house producer. Shizzi, who was nominated as the best
producer of the year by NEA, Nigeria
Entertainment Awards alongside producers
like Don Jazzy, Cobahms Asuquo, Samklef,
to mention a few.
He has worked with great artists
like Sasha, Harrysong, , OD Woods, Naeto C, Sauce Kid, Wande Coal, D’Prince, MayD,
PSquare. He also produced a track on the mohit's CV album and produced most of the tracks on Davido's O.B.O
We also several other major producers in Nigeria, some of which are;
6) OJB:
It would be totally disrespectful if I leave him out of the list. Despite the fact that her has not been too present in the industry lately, OJB is one of the best producers Nigeria has ever seen. He produce African Queen by tuface, and the entire grass to grace album. He also did several works with Kennis Music. At a point in Nigeria, he was like the only known producer and can be said to be the father of pop music in Nigeria. He paved the way for the likes of Don Jazzy.
There also other major producers doing big in the Nigerian music industry. Some of them which are
- J slick
- Gospel
-TY mix
- Phillz
- Yung-D
- Studio Magic
-Maleek Berry
New producers have also been emerging from different places in Nigeria.

Today, it is a fact that the music producers are the back bones of music in Nigeria

by Olayemi Oladapo ... @YemzDgogeta_YMC

Up,Close&Personal with JAYRU.

Up,Close&Personal with JAYRU...

Yemi: Give us a Basic Introduction of yourself
JayRu: My names are Biodun Idemudia Inneh. Dat Bad Edo boi!!
Yemi: Wow. I had no idea you were from Edo. How did you get the name 'Biodun' then?
JayRu : We bear yoruba names too.
Yemi: Oh. That's cool..How was it like growing up?
JayRu : Haaa!!!Datz sum serious eish oo!!Buh basicall Pop z a pastor so I grew up @ church N spent all ma life growing up in IB Primary secondary Uni
Yemi: Wow! The preacher's son. Haha..I.B reppin still! Raa!How and when did you start Music?
JayRu: From the church oo!!Buh professionally I started 2009 N got 2 channel O nominations d same year Best Nu comer N Best Hip hop Artist categories
Yemi: Wow.. That's massive. Was gonna ask you how did you feel when you got your first channel O Award nominations?
JayRu: Lol. Well I wuz d last person 2 know o. It wuz incredulous
Yemi: I can only imagine the feeling. I must confess, you went really hard on your song 'Big bois anthem' What inspired the song?
JayRu: lol. Thankz. It wuz like wat I see ertime!!Erthang around me!!Erday activity
Yemi: You welcome. :). That's the hustle spirit. Dope!
The 'familiarity' tune was one of the biggest jams in 2011. What inspired that hit single and why did you choose wizkid for the feature?
JayRu: Lol. Wizkid hz bin a dude datve loved after I listened 2 hz Gidi gal song!!I saw summn different in him!!Pple were actually telling me do d song wiv a well known artist Cuz he jus got on d scene den....Buh I saw summn diff in him N trust M!!We didn't even write nuffin!!We jus went 2 samklefs studio N had fun wiv the beat. It wuznt a serious song Buh d outcome wuz amazing
Yemi: Wow! Just like that? That sick. I love Gidi gal too. I think its one of Wizzy's best tunes so far. And you know your song with him made the slang 'Famz' really popular right? How does that feel?
JayRu: Well...It wuz kool tho!Cuz sumtymes wen pple Holla @ me?Dey be like I jus dey hail o No famzing!
Yemi: Hahaha.. Na so.. I like your song 'Alligator'. Who produced it?
JayRu: Puffy T
Yemi: Oh. Puffy T! Aint heard any work from him in a long time..
lately ,You have been quiet silent in the commercial music scene in Nigeria. Why is that?
JayRu: Yea working on summn new!
Yemi: Can't wait to Jam the new tune. And by the way I like you F**k You freestyle.
JayRu: Lol
Yemi: Who is Nero and how did you meet him?
JayRu: Wiv bin 2geda even b4 d music Nero z a friend N d Ceo of ma label
Yemi: So I hear you and your clique shake the city of Ibadan with the cheddar. They call y'all the money bags of I.B.. So Mr .Jayru, how much are you worth?
JayRu: Lol. Can't be like I'm worth dz or dat God z still da boss N we living the good life
Yemi: Haha.. Amen. what's your most memorable moment as an artist?
JayRu: D day I saw ma video on Channel on d number spot 4 1 month
Yemi: Massive.
How has Music affected your personal live?
JayRu: Well sumtymes Itz crazy!!You know I just wanna take a walk N laff on m street or anywhere Buh now itz all about protocolz
Yemi: That's wassap!
How would you describe Your ideal woman?
JayRu: Looks doesn't matter 2 me tho!!Tall fat slim short!!!She gatta have dat beautiful inside N understanding
Yemi: Nice Choice Mr JayRu
So finally, before I go what do you have to say the upcoming artists out there?
JayRu:: Keep ur head up!!Be Humble!!Respect ur bosses!!Pray a lot!!Be determined!!
Yemi: Yes boss! And its a wrap. Thanks a lot for granting us this interview on the LSS(unilorin) Social blog despite your tight schedule. We would be looking forward to more of your hits soon. God bless
JayRu : Blessings!!
Yemi: YB!
And that's all. The interview is over. Thanks a lot for you time. Appreciate
JayRu: Yw!!!
S/O out 2 LSS Big thangs Ah Gwan!!

Yemi: Yes boss. :D



Law... The ever salient principle of life
If it is, why must it be taught
The course, one which many must attain, even with strife
But the integrity required by this field cannot be bought
Its the field which hosts the temple of justice
But sadly, unconsciously entertains workers of injustice
It entails the application of 5 years academic study to a life time of practise
But unfortunately,justice lies in the heart and hands of the beholder.
Knowing these about my desired profession,
I refuse to be discouraged from taking a stand in the fight
The field filled with Zombies of negative arbitration
I will sharpen my sword and start with the practise of what is right
I will take shield from the wrong proliferation
And the truth, on which I have vowed to rely, shall be my light
The legal profession pervades all spheres of life
Therefore, I won't sit back and let my experience waste
I shall admit it in the course of representing the faceless
Speaking for the voiceless
Advocating abundance for the hopeless
And yes, perpetuate redefined justice for countless!
It won't be easy but what is too difficult for a man who believes?
This is not a mere article, its a call to order to my generation
A ray of hope that should rest on the hearts of you fellow colleague
That the revolution of a redefined legal system and society rests on our hands
Not to help us share of the national cake
But to mast a war, that would cause the national cake to come tumbling down
That WE ALL shall have even a chunk to ourselves.

By @dhamey_splendor

Dress Code Storms Holiday Fashion Trend!!!

Dress Code Storms Holiday Fashion Trend!!!
Go trendy this holiday; Show case your good good *wink* by staying classy and stylish. Here are a few guidelines to your wardrobe selection this summer all picked out for you:

’Tis the season of breezy tops, leg-baring bottoms, and bold color! And while some Summer 2013 trends should stay outside the office—like crop tops and overalls (yep, they’re making a comeback)there are plenty of must-have pieces to mix into your warm-weather work and play wardrobe.
This June, learn how to style  summer trends. You’ll be donning your best attire to both a backyard barbeque and your next  first day at work. You would be working with:

 1. Contrast
Black and white pairings were huge this  spring, and they’re still going strong for summer. To make this contrast more playful this season, try a retro black-and-white print like polka dots or bold stripes, and balance the boldness with a soft lace skirt. B&W prints pair well with every color, so don’t be afraid to mix and match with pastels or bright colors! Pair this trend with chic work classics: pointed black flats, a white bag, and black cat eyes for a lunchtime stroll.

From Americana hues to seafarer-inspired sundresses, nautical trends are always huge for summer—especially with the 4th of July just around the corner! Keep your sailor attire from being too casual by dressing it up with a pretty cardigan, polished pearls, and your favorite summery heels. I love the idea of vamping up the nautical vibes with stripes on your bag or pairing navy and white together, too!

 3. Sorbet
Ah, the power of brights! Pump up boringwork attire with an array of summer sorbet hues, from punchy oranges and yellows to pinks and blues that pop. I love the idea of pairing a summer-white dress with a bright blazer and an equally bright statement necklace! Just be sure to not overdo it, and alternate with subdued accessories like a nude heel and clutch. This look is perfect for an early happy hour in the sun, too!

You must think I'm crazy for adding shorts to the list, but there really is an acceptable way to wear this summer piece to work—assuming you work for a trendsetting fashion company or chill start-up. (And even still, I recommend checking the dress code.) First things first, pick a tasteful pair—not too short and not too tight, and preferably in a dressy material; jean shorts won’t cut it. Then, balance your leggy attire with a long-sleeved blouse in a feminine print and a pair of modest pumps.
5.Native attires:
let's not forget our very own ANKARA. Ankara sewn apparel is the in thing this season... They're not only spectacular, stylish and comfortable... They portray a homely and cultural image of acceptability, and they can be worn, any day and any where (except of course to court as counsel). Ankara trends are fast becoming salient and must haves in our wardrobes... You find them in varieties, I mean even in shoes, bags, jewellery, and so many more... Work that cultural native look this holiday... DON'T DULL IT.


I'm sure with the fashion guidelines provided here, you would experience no puzzlement when trying to pick out your choicest look!!!
By @dhamey_splendor