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Up, Close & Personal with YEMI: B-red(HKN) Talks Money, Fame, Women, HKN, School and All with Yemi.

YEMI: Hello, tell us who B-Red is
B-red: My name is Adebayo Adeleke, my artist name is B-red, I'm the 2nd out of four and I play the drums, sing and produce music. I'm an artist signed to my cousin Davido's record label HKN.

YEMI: How was it like growing up?
B-red: I was born in America in Atl, and then moved back to naija @ the age of 5 and from then I've been going back and forth from Nigeria to America and school too.

YEMI: Cool... Now we all know why you’re always dripping the Yankee Swag! It’s from birth. Lol..
So, how and when did you start music?

B-red: Music… ummm… I started playing the drums at the age of 6 then started singing and producing @ the age of 16. I Started with a group in Atl, kb international. Me, Davido! Sina and this jamoo guy named Jamrock for a year then moved to Lagos with HKN music.

YEMI: Wow! That's massive. Means you started music a long time ago.
YEMI: Have you produced any major track in the Naija music scene? Or do you have anyone of your productions coming soon?

B-red: No. Nothing major yet but co-produced 1 or 2 tracks on the O.B.O album and yea the next track I drop I’ll do the drums. lol

YEMI: That's nice. So I guess it’s safe to say you contributed to the Dopeness of the O.B.O album as regards beats. Personally, I can't wait to hear the next track you are dropping. Who's the best producer you've worked with in Naija?
B-red: Lol. No, Shizzi did all the dope beats and the best producer I've worked with is Shizzi..

YEMI: Haha.. But you contributed...
B-red: Yes

YEMI: That's wassap! Shizzi is dope. He kills every beat. Compared to other artists, do you think your rise to stardom was easy or difficult?
B-red: Ummm… I'm on my on lane and it was not easy. It was difficult ‘cause you have to go through some struggles but I'm still pushing to get to the next level.

YEMI: I like your spirit. Still on your grind. So there are several rumours flying around that you left HKN for D'Ark entertainment. Are these rumours true?
B-red: No comment.
I've always been HKN.

YEMI: HKN still. That's wassap! What inspired your hit single 'insane gal'?
B-red: Umm… it was just a good day and Shizzi woke me up that let's work and everything came through like a freestyle, then O.B.O walked in and blessed the song.

YEMI: Wow. You prolly didn't even know it would turn out to be a hit song. I must confess, the video is slick too. When should we be expecting to see the 'Long Time' video?
B-red: I swear I did not know and I’ll be shooting long time in a few weeks

YEMI: Haha.. I would have said I know that feeling but sadly I'm not an artist :( Can't wait to see the 'Long Time' video. When is your album coming out?
B-red: I'm not really thinking of an album now.

YEMI: So I guess we'll just keep expecting more singles for now then. Just to for the doubting fans, Shina Rambo is your blood brother?
B-red: Yes more singles, videos and shows for now.
And yes Sina Rambo is my older brother.

YEMI: Oh cool. We gon keep blasting your jamz. And I see that the 'yankee sweg' runs in the blood. Giving that lots of your fan are the ladies, how do you handle so much attention from these female fans?
B-red: Umm @ first it was exciting to me but now it’s a normal thing. I've done shows everywhere with Davido across the world so I'm used to it now.

YEMI: Oh I see. So is B-red single or are you in a relationship? 
B-red: Hmmm can this question not be asked? lol
YEMI: Lool. Ok then. So I have like three questions left for me to ask.
How would you describe your ideal kinda woman?

B-red: I wouldn't say I have a specific type. I just like a woman that has class and is independent. And sexy of course.

YEMI: Raaa! I think class and independence is sexy too :D . How has Music and the fame affected your personal life?
B-red: Lol. Can't really go to school again so I'm doing online school‘cause the first time I went to school in a Naija uni they chased me and my bro Sina so it was crazy and also now I really can’t go to most public places without security. I have to travel up and down, and it’s tiring but we still love it, and staying in shape.

YEMI: Hahaha... I can only imagine. Hope they didn't catch you?LOOL
B-red: Lol. na

YEMI: Haha.. Fastest runner. Quick question by the way. I remember back in the day, you used to be one best basket ballers and you were also one dope footballer in high school. Do you still shoot hoops and play soccer?
B-red: Yes, I still play B.ball and football, but more of football on my free time.

YEMI: Now I see how u stay fit. Where do you see yourself in 5years?
B-red: In 5yrs I see myself @ the top....very top

YEMI: Amen to that Gee!!!
So before I leave, I'd like you to say a word or two to the upcoming artists out there.
B-red: Just keep working harder and anybody can blow. Dreams come true, just ask Obama.

YEMI: Yessur! I like that. That's wassap!. Thanks a lot for your time for this interview on the LSS Social blog. Really appreciate. We'll be looking forward to more of your jams. God bless yah!


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