Wednesday, 19 September 2012


  Hey Folks, what's up?? I know its been a while ya'll heard from me personally. LOOL. Guess what, I'm back and better..
This is the first episode on the column 'Up, close and personal'.. I know you've all been waiting for this one. And trust me, the wait was definitely worth it.

I went all the way to get an interview with the one and only FUNBI of IMG.
It wasn't easy(*wipes away sweat*) . And yeah!, you read that right. FUNBI...

Yemi: What's going on boss?

Funbi: I'm chilled mehn. In the studio at the moment.  Tryna work on new materials

Yemi: Oh! That's really cool.. Could you share with us what the new tune is about?
Funbi: I just got in so we're just kinda bumping beats and ideas

Yemi:'t wait..
Lets get to know you.
What's your real name?

Funbi: Funbi Emiola

Yemi: So Mr Emiola, How was it like growing up?

Funbi: Born and raised in ilorin. My dad's a professor so I was all about the books really. Only chance I used to get to sing was in the church choir. It was fun really, growing up in ilorin.

Yemi: Wow!!! ILLY Born!! That's surprising!! But now, you don run go gidi na..haha! And u read a lot? I guess that influenced your poetry! Because I read somewhere that you also write poems..

Funbi: Yeah. its been a while I wrote poems though. Lol. I started writing because of a babe that I was tripping for lol. The poems later on developed into writing songs.

Yemi: You started because of a babe you had a crush on???hahahaha! That's so funny!!! Well, I'd like to say that the poetry you started with sure has a super-positive  impact on your lyrics today.
When did your start music?and what inspired you ?

Funbi: Thanks bruv!
I've been singing since I was a kid in the choir. Christmas carol and stuff. Used to love doing solos. Never really took music seriously till I was in high school "lifeforte int high school". My friend told me I should consider it and since then its been all that's on my mind.

Yemi: So your first recording was in high school?

Funbi: Yeah. My dad paid for my first studio session. The song wasn't that great though .lol. but for starters, we did okay.
Yemi: Wow!! Your Dad did that??
So your parents are totally cool with you doing music?

Funbi: Yeah they are, but they were primarily concerned about my academics. Tryna make sure it dint bring my grades down.

Yemi: parents are cool like that! Lol.

Funbi: Yezzir!

Yemi: Share with us your Major collaborations.

Funbi: First project I was on was "make it better" from the knighthouse street scriptures. It had ice prince, mo'cheddah, myself, and mobie.
Worked with ice prince again on my first official single "superstar" alongside loose kaynon.
Worked with 2shotz, rugged man.
I was on MI's illegal music2. Was super excited to be on it thanks to the incredible Mr.

Yemi: Oh boy!! You sure have done some major collaboration o! I respect yah! So many known artists!
Which of these artists did u enjoy working with the most?

Funbi: Hmm I can't really say though. Its always mad fun for me when I'm recording

Yemi: Hehe!  Must be pretty interesting being an artist then.
Have you got any album out yet? And videos too?

Funbi: Nah! No album yet but I'm working on one. I have one video out "clockwork". And there's a video for the song I did with 2shotz "damn".
Yemi: Oshey!! We can't wait for your album o!
So what's up with IMG? Is that your record label?

Funbi: Yeah bruv iMG representing.

Yemi: What's the full meaning sire?

Funbi: Imperial music group

Yemi: Na so! Shout Out to the Entire IMG crew!!
You were doing music even back when you were schooling at C.U right?
How were you able to balance music with schooling?

Funbi: Yeah man.
It wasn't easy tho
Cuz I studied architecture and in a manner of speaking its one of the toughest and time consuming course.

Yemi: Mehn! That must have been pretty tough! You must be really smart then. I mean, you combining both?...

Funbi: Took a lot of discipline.
Once I'm in school, I'm in school and any chance I get to leave school I try as much as possible to get something done with music. I made it work for me.
Lool I hope so.

Yemi: Discipline is the key! I respect that in you.. Let's get a little more personal..LOOL..
What's your Relationship status? Single, Double, triple? Or you just playing them shawties??:>

Funbi: Lool I'm single bruv. I dnt know bout playing shawties o! :x
That's jst a trap. I'm gonna keep it simple. Lool if they want sha :]Y I don't bite

Ah!!! I fear you o! Abi you be 'freelance' ..hehe.. I no trust you!! So I guess all you pretty ladies reading this now can start sending in their applications ;). Hehe

Trap ke??haha..I'm a lawyer in the making o.. I no dey blackmail..

Funbi: No I mean trapping myself girl wise

Yemi: Hehehe!! Na wa.. So As a fine boy and an artist, how do u handle all the attention from them pretty ladies?
Funbi: Lol. well I can't complain. I love the ladies (:D) as many that know me. I treat them with love and respect and the ladies are pretty much the entire market for a singer like me so the more that come the better :D.

Yemi: LOOOL! Na so.. Me too wan be celeb o!! ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) ess nor good ooo :'(.

Funbi: Lol

Yemi: What do you look for in a woman?

Funbi: Ah! Jamb question.
If I start we won't finish lol.
Aight let me try.
Actually, I'm good with a decent, respectable, smart and good looking lady.
I just tried to give the summary lol

Yemi: Jamb question??hehehe..why evils...
As an artist, what's your Most embarrassing moment?

Funbi: Erm.. I'm not sure I've had that yet, but there was a time I was performing and I had a cold. I just couldn't hit the notes I recorded on. I had to get off stage early.
Oh yeah and there was this time in school that I was tryna run and I fell flat on my face. Tried to get up and fell again lool there were a lot of people around at the time.

Yemi: Oh my!! The second part is totally funny. .LOOOOOOOOL! I wish I was there! I would have be rolling on the floor laughing. =)).
Must have been really embarrassing tho. Sorry about that.

Funbi: Lol its nuffin
Yemi: What's your Most memorable moment as an artist so far?

Funbi: I'm nt really sure bout that one o. I've had a few moments of excitement though like my first studio session, the first time I heard myself on radio, meeting MI for the first time. I'm a big fan of his work.

Yemi: Oh!! Hehe!! Cool..
How about this? What's the craziest thing you have ever done for money?:>

Funbi: I've never been to the point that I'd craze for money and pray never to get to that point. So nothing crazy for me by God's grace I've always been comfortable

What's the craziest thing you did as a student?

Funbi: You know I was in CU so there wasn't really the chance to do crazy things the best you'll get is running from security lol sikena.

Yemi: LOOOL! But I thought CU peeps love adventures and all that..

Funbi: Adventures out of school.

Yemi: So let's round things up sir!
Which of your works should we watch out for?

Funbi: I ought to put out a single off a collabo album I'm working out with producer Hcode this month called "cousin".

Yemi: Wow!! So readers!! Ya'll heard that! You better go cop that.. Ya'll Should watch out for Funbi's 'Cousin' this month.. Personally, I can't wait to Jam that track..hehe..

Funbi: Funbi and hcode.
Much appreciated bruv! O:)

Yemi: Na so!!! H.Code is one Dope producer and you?? Always on point!! I believe Una die..hehe...
So Mr Funbi, Thanks a lot for your time on our Law Student Society social blog (Unilorin). We really appreciate . It was really nice inteviewing yah! Wish you all the best things in life. GGMUBB-)

Funbi: Thanks for having me on tuale! (y)
Amen o!!!!
God bless y'all

Amen oo!!


Alright people, that's it.. Haha.. Our exclusive interview with the one and only FUNBI of IMG.. Ya'll shoulg follow him on twitter @Funbimusic..

And do not! I repeat, Do not! miss the next episode.. Its gonna be another exclusive interview with SHIZZI , the in house producer of the HKN Gang(Davido's record label) right here on the LSS Social Blog..hehe.. Its gonna be life.. Best believe.. And till then,peace out!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 14 September 2012


(Inception Pt. 3)

"You really are a great fool" I hissed angrily.
"Now where are the damn keys!?" 
        Immediately we entered I told Tade to put on the generator. When the power had come, we settled down to business, each engrossed in his laptop. I logged on to plentyoffish. I saw a woman who might make an easy target.
Alicia Warkins,34 ,no kid and living alone. "Hello Alicia, my name is Cody Smith". I try some small talk like who does she prefer between Obama and Romney, what is the weather in her city, blah, blah, blah. Now to the point. What is her source of income? She said she is an heiress of some small-town newspaper fortune. Wow, now that's what I call plenty of fish.
I'm a US diplomatic officer currently working in Helsinki, Finland. The city's prison is crawling with Americans so I was assigned to negotiate their release and transfer to the States with the prison authorities. These Finnish guys demand some dough as a fine for the freedom of these jailed Americans. Therefore the US embassy would welcome private dona- no, no, no, lemme stop there.
Don't want to ask for money right away lest she think I'm a 'scammer'.
Now onto more personal matters.
Doesn't she have a boyfriend?
No, she doesn't have right now. She has dated some guys before but they all turned out to be jerks. Eeya! But don't worry about me, I won't be a jerk. In fact, I've never been a jerk.
Why doesn't she have kids? She doesn't want to have kids wit just any bloke. She wants to have kids wit a special guy, someone who makes bell ring in her head, someone who makes butterflies flutter in her stomach, someone who will sweep her off her feet.
Look no further, Lady, I am the one. I've been looking for someone like you all my life. It's not everyday you meet someone who so understands you completely you feel you've known each other for a long time. And if you try me, you won't regret me.

She sent me a picture of herself and I complimented her on her looks even though she was bony thing and had like one thousand freckles on her face.
I sent her a 'picture of myself'- which was in fact an old picture of Brad Pitt's edited and 'photoshopped' to remove all resemblance(the jaws for example) but still l leaving all the good looks.
That picture was my standard picture. 

Just then, I heard a very loud noise above the din of the generator and the clicking of the keys on our laptops. I looked at Tade who was smiling down to his Laptop. He did not seem to hear. Before I shifted my eyes back to the laptop, I heard the noise again. The noise was louder now and Tade too was gaping into the distance. The noise sounded like someone was banging the door. We looked at each other. Nobody calls at our place at all much less this time of the night. The next loud bang roused us from our surprise and I called out
"Who the hell is that?"
'Good evening' a strong voice returned. 'This is the police. We have a warrant to search your premises'.
Having heard that Tade with all the silence his unco-ordinated body could muster, quickly packed the laptops and climbed the desk to put it in a designated place in d ceiling.
"A warrant to search this premises by 9pm? Officer, I don't think you know your law".
'Spare me the lecture on d proper time to serve a warrant', the officer shouted. 'This is a special case and either you open this door or I break it down. In any case I'm entering'.
The officer was sounding very serious. This is definitely not a joke or a prank call. Beside me, Tade was shaking like crazy. I have to be strong for this wimp. "Go pack the other laptops and throw them over the fence", I whispered. As Tade was about to go, the officer's voice came again 'In case you don't know, this building is surrounded. You have no choice but to OPEN THIS DOOR!'
We are now in a fix. I was now shaking my self, at my wit's end. The game look to be coming to an end.

'He won't wake' a voice said. I thought it was the officer who spoke but the voice was too close to my head to be the officer's.
'He won't wake', the voice said again, now a little frantic, a little panicky.
"Did you hear that?" I asked Tad.
'What? Yes I hear it. The officer dey shout make we open the door, shey you no dey hear am?, as loud as e be'.
"No, no," I whispered back. "The voice, that voice". 'Which voice?' Tade asked, a look of confusion on his face.
'He won't wake' the voice in my head was now filled with fear and with dread, a voice of someone afraid of what looks like inevitability.
Somehow, the voice sound like Barbie's. 'STAND BACK!, I'M BREAKING THIS DOOR!'
'O my god, he won't wake, Help! BRING WATER!' I saw the door buckled and crash. But I didn't see what I expected to find. I expected men in black uniforms with raised guns and heavy boots. Instead I saw a flood, a flood of water, water which was snow-white because of it's astonishing quantity, advancing towards me.
Before I could run, the water buried me and all went blank. I awoke on the floor of the corridoor, drenched in water, gasping for breath in Barbie's arms. I saw a shade of people peering down at me but I couldn't yet make out any of their faces. At last I made out Ridwan's thoroughly frightened face. I saw who had taken the picture, the phone was still in his hands. 'Thank God', they breathed collectively. 'You got us real scared'.
"How long was I out?" I drawled.
'About three minutes'. "What?" I exclaimed. It seems to me that I was out for three hours.
'We had to bring water from the buckets in the toilets to rouse you', somebody was saying. 'Took about five buckets'. 'C'mon' Barbie said. 'You sure need food, let's get you something to eat'.

Friday, 7 September 2012


(Inception pt2)

The flashlight was almost blinding so I told the officer to please lower it down. He shifted the light from my eyes and focused on the girl in the back seat.
The light rested on her for longer than necessary and I nudged Tade, who was sitting beside me in the front seat as if to tell him that Barbie in her usual radiant 'sexiness' had charmed the officer. Finally, the officer asked who we are.
We replied that we were students of the University and we were going to our hostels after a hard-day work.
The officer snorted. He stepped back a little and inspected the car. He couldn't reconcile the size and luxury of the Bentley with the fact that we were students.
'Officer, please can we go now' Barbie said in her bedroom voice.
'The time is 7:30pm and you know we have to sleep and prepare for tomorrow'. The officer seemed a bit disoriented before answering quickly with a lump in his throat,
'Yes you can'.
At that we thanked the policeman and the car whispered into the night.
        As I drove I breathed a sigh of relief. "That was close, Tade". Tade still recovering from holding his breath in fear did not answer but Barbie did.
'Yes, it was. If it was not for the fact that I directed his eyes to my bust and prevented him from thinking about anything should be thankful I saved your ass'.
"And you should be thankful I've always had yours" I said and she fell silent.
"Tade, stop to dey act like pickin and tell me how many Lapi dey for inside boot" 'Ten' he said, his voice still shaking.
'You know, you guys are fools for carrying that many Laptops around' Barbie said. 'Na today we just buy am' Tade replied her.
Nobody spoke again for some moments during which Kelly Handsome's 'Maga don Pay' could be heard on low volume from the car stereo.
          After a little while I asked Tade
"How about your maga".
'Omo, Tracy dey dull me jare' he replied. 'All the format wey I try she no even dey fall for am. How about your own?'.
"Ah my only Dolly, she even promised yesterday to send like 2K dollars by Saturday".
'OMO, how you do am' Tade asked interestedly.
"Listen and learn" I replied.
"Dolly is a 45 year old mother of two living in LA, she is divorced and all her kids are in college, so she is lonely. She is also very fat so she is insecure and looking desperately for someone to like her. What I did was to cash in on her loneliness and insecurity by promising heaven and hell that I will love her till I die, asking about her kids, and sending her flowers everyday.
And I don't just tell her I love her, I combine some shakespeare with westlife and add my own little spin to write the most beautiful love quotes".
'So how u get her promise to send 2,000 dollars?'
"Ah that one. I'm a business man in Chicago and I've to get to LA to complete a business deal which will fetch me some dough. But I'm short on cash right now so I need her to send me the flight money so I can get to LA and as soon as the deal is closed I will branch at her place, give her the money and spend the week with her".
'Guy, Tracy dey more difficult than that'. "What kind of woman is she?" I asked. 'She dey like Barbie, young and hot and she says my English no good'.
"Yes, we must agree, your English is not good, listen, are you white or black?"
'I'm black'.
"OK send her a picture of Ramsey Nuah or Van Vicker or Majid Michael and pretend that that is you. Oyibo chicks like hot guys and you will see, she won't be complaining about your English again". Tade fell silent a moment as he digested this.
        'Dammy, what about my iphone? Barbie called out to me from the back seat. I had almost forgotten she was there. "Iphone 5 is not yet out, remains some days, how much is it gan self?
'Only 130,000' Barbie answered.
"what the f!" I exclaimed.
'Listen' said Barbie, 'tell me if you are not going to buy it and I will hold my peace'. "I am going to buy it so hold your piss". I saw Tade stealing a look at my angry face and I could see that he has detected some tension between Barbie and I.
But whether he detected it or not, he didn't speak.
In any case, I won't even tolerate him snooping into my affairs.
        We reached the front of my flat at around 8:15 pm. When nobody got down, I said to Barbie, "Get down". 'What!, you are not going to drop me?'
"No, I have some work to do. I will come and see you later tonight".
'I don't expect you to come, you are not exactly a knight'.
With that, she hissed, got down and slammed the door. We packed the laptops from the booth and made our way towards the door of the flat.
There was no power so we have to put on the generator if we are going to do anything tonight.
Tade was silent beside me and I thought it must be because of the weight of seven laptops stacked against his chest. "D'you need a hand?" I asked him.
'I don get hands' he replied.
'Na good brain I need'.
"Fool", I muttered under my breath.
We were in front of the door when Tade asked
'Dammy, wetin dey happen between you and Barbie?'
"Nothing, except that right now there is no love lost between me and her".
'So why una dey fight?'.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Premiership Team Of The Week

Premiership Team Of The Week
 By Busari Isa Olalekan

It was another rip-roaring weekend
in the Premier League and a
number of players stood out
enough to make the Team of the Week. There were some brilliant games on Saturday, but the drama was topped off in style between Manchester United and Southampton.
There were many great performances, it was a tough decision process but we are confident we have the best starting XI from this latest round of fixtures.

1. GK – Vito Mannone, Arsenal

The young Italian’s future at Arsenal
appeared over following a disastrous
performance against Olympiacos in the
Champions league last season, but
injuries have given him his chance and
he is taking it well. Two clean sheets in two games. Mannone made some quality stops at Anfield against Liverpool and his form has meant the Gunners aren’t missing usual number one Wojciech Szczesny.

2. CB – Thomas Vermaelen, Arsenal

The left footed defender had his day against Suarez and Borini. The gunner captain controlled the defence in a manner we've not seen since the days of Sol Campbell.

3. CB – Gareth McAuley, West Brom

The Northern Irishman seems to be
thriving under new manager Steve
Clarke and he was instrumental in the
Baggies continuing their brilliant start
to the season against an in-form
Everton and outstandingly keeping out Marouane Fellaini and Nikica
Jelavic while also grabbing the goal
that sealed the victory with a powerful

4. CB –Vincent Kompany, Manchester

The Citizens’ captain was his usual
imperious self in the heart of defence
against QPR on Saturday and made
sure there would be no repeat of the
comeback Mark Hughes’ men made in
the final game last season, which nearly derailed City’s title hopes. The
Londoners grabbed an undeserved
equaliser in the second half, but
Kompany made sure his men did not
throw it away this time.

5. RM – Hatem ben Arfa, Newcastle

The Frenchman is a special player whenon song and he most certainly was against Aston Villa on Sunday. The Toon were one down at half-time, but Ben Arfa topped a display full of skill and creative with an outstanding goal.

6. LM – Raheem Sterling, Liverpool

At only 17 years old, Sterling is showing everyone what an exceptional talent they have in their ranks at Anfield. The young winger was easily the most impressive player in red and didn’t deserve to be on the losing side. He caused lots of problems for the Gunners defence and came close to equalising in the first half, seeing his shot hit the post.

7. CM – Santi Cazorla, Arsenal

Arsene Wenger said Arsenal were lucky
to have such a player as the Spaniard
after the game against Liverpool and he was not wrong. Cazorla has hit the
ground running in the Premier League
and was finally rewarded for all the
chances he has been creating so far. His pass set-up Lukas Podolski for the first and the German striker reciprocated for Cazorla to fire under Pepe Reina and seal the three points.

8. CM – Paul Scholes, Manchester

Every time the veteran United
midfielder puts in a display like this, Sir Alex Ferguson gets warned about the difficulty he will have replacing him. The Old Trafford side were struggling at Southampton when Scholes was introduced, but this changed soon after he came on. The 37-year-old was his classy self and played like...Paul Scholes

9. CF – Steven Fletcher, Sunderland

It was a successful debut for the
Scottish striker at unbeaten Swansea
and he showed why Martin O’Neill was
prepared to pay Wolves £14million for
him. Two quick goals at the end of the
first half – one lovely finish and one
good predatory play – got Sunderland in the lead and Fletcher proved that he is a player that belongs in the top flight.

10. CF – Robin van Persie, Manchester

It doesn’t seem to matter what shirt the Dutchman is wearing, he simply deals in goals. His game-winning hat-trick at Southampton was further proof of his world class ability. He showed good mental strength to put an embarrassing missed 'panenka' penalty behind him to seal the win deep into injury time and the three goals exhibited the different facets to his game - all of which he does outstandingly...And HE SCORES WHEN HE WANT.

11. CF - Carlos Tevez, Manchester City

Well he played like Tevez of old (before the-self-enforced sabbatical).

Memorable mentions to Brad Freidel, Brad Guzman, Moussa Dembele, Morgan Schneiderlin and Andy Carroll who fail to make the cut.