Tuesday, 24 July 2012


You fam! What's really good? What's Gwanin?? My legal Juggernauts (u dry feel d Guramah AbiI?no lie jo!*winks*) how are we?.
Yeah, yeah, bla bla bla!!! At last,its here. Yeah, I'm definitely talking about the much anticipated LSS Social blog. The first of its kind in the whole of Unilorin.Joh oh! *put on REAL ray bans* *shines snow white teeth* .
Jo-Spazm : (˘̯˘ )(yimu)its green joh! *HL*
Me : see ur life,Hater oshi. /:)  
As I was "Talking go jere" before the moronic interruption...
Firstly,I'd like to apologize for the delay...I have been rather busy is other important causes. U know? Like, trying to know why Frank decided to "Frank ocean" world *wipes tears* and why Davido has stopped aging. Like seriously? He is still 19? For how long? :/ .. Well, these questions have not yet been answered by the gods :(.. I'm Still waiting.
So  *in weezy's voice*, "sorry for the wait!!!" I hope I'm forgiven..¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯. Well, Una no go wan tey na. I'm sure I have been forgiven.(By force by fire) :D.
And secondly,I'd like to make a s/o the new administrative excos for giving us the opportunity to do this.
Before I begin,I'll like to point it out that this is not a write-up per-say(so u might like to calm ur eyebrows down! :D) but rather a little piece to intimate us with what this blog is about and its features...........
      The main aim of this blog is to keep us updated with social issues in the faculty,the school and of course the world at large. So for peeps who be thinking the work of the social committee is only during events like Trad nite,Picnics and dinner, this social regime is out to counter that public belief.. We gonna be here with u from this holiday period all through the end of the session... so *in W4's voice* "ON TO THE NEXT ONE!!!!"
Actually, For now, we have certain items lined up for your enjoyment and ima let u into them ASAP.
1).'Serial Murderrances': its exclusive from our learned bruv , ADONIS. Its a series of story about a young undergraduate of law facing serious financial problems and how he gets tempted to get involved with certain immoral things which however will get him money... What happens? Is he gonna yield to these temptation? You gotta stay posted to know this.... It promises to be great!!! . Trust me, I can't wait ^_^ :D
2).Up,close and personal : Ehn ehn, yessoo!! This is another Dope one!. Another delicious one you  definitely don't wanna miss yoh.. Its gonna feature interviews with figures from within and outside the faculty. Student Office holders,Artistes etc. Also gonna feature interviews with Known figures,celebs and the likes(Nationwide). However,its gonna be in a more informal way.. Jes Washout!!!.
3) Dope to the core: yes? Can I help u? Why all the raised eyebrows? Its not "dope" like Coke oh!.lol. This is all about entertainment fam!! Keeping u updated with what's happening in the entertainment industries at every level. Music,movies,arts .... Just name it mate! It would also give opportunity to our upcoming acts in the faculty to showcase what they've got to the world. ...............
Hmm... I guess that's all for now. Though I'm tired of repeating the same thing, I have no choice but to tell ya'll again that its gonna be really MADT and u don't wanna miss out on it. So like VicO would say "don't forget to come here and catch ur cool fun" :D..

NB: This blog is opened to comments ,opinion and suggestions. Feel free to holla at me or the social director at any time. Thanks for your time. See you soon!.
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  5. This is a 9ce development hoping 2 see improvements tho. Keep It Up Wymce n Sheh,Tbecks Say So #gbam

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