Saturday, 6 July 2013

LAW AND OTHERS : Episode One

Henry stood looking at the Law of Evidence textbook on the desk before him wishing he could rip out all of its sheets and shred it into pieces. But doing that would have been a peculiar sight because all around him his mates were celebrating the end of the second semester exam. In fact, they were still in the class where minutes ago the supervising lecturer had shouted 'pens up'. The pens had gone down though rather than up since these are not nursery school pupils but 400-level university students
Kevin, Henry's friend came gliding towards him.
''Why are you staring at the book with
murderous intent?'' he asked.
''I hate books'', Henry replied.
''Me sef. I prefer the e-formats''.
''U no get'', Henry replied,shifting his gaze from the book to his friend, ''if there is a way to convert books into air so that we would be reading books just by breathing them I would still hate books''.
''Now that's serious'', Kevin said seriously.
'Speaking of seriousness how did you answer the res gestae question?''
''Res gestae is what it is, I guess''.
''Is that what you wrote?'' Kevin asked in mild
disbelief. ''Omo, you don write one big zero be that o''.
''Actually'', Henry said as they began to walk towards the door, all the while greeting noisy classmates by the way, ''the answer is perfectly logical. Res gestae cannot be what it is not''. Henry was starting to come out of his mild
depression, was starting to feel good with himself on hitting this perfect note of sound logic.
Kevin chuckled. He is used to this verbal
sparring and he was not about to be outdone.
''Actually, Henry res gestae is exactly what it is not. You see, res gestae is ordinarily not a relevant fact but court sometimes consider it in order to get a full picture of the question under
question. By, you know, being considered, res
gestae becomes part of the relevant fact
thereby becoming what ordinarily it is not''. At this he paused for effect. Then to drive the point home, he said, ''your answer, apart from being legally incorrect, is also factually incorrect and therefore cannot be perfectly
Henry's face fell momentarily as his logic fell
like a pack of cards, his king and queen under hostage, his knaves on the run. He had to concede logical defeat from Mr Spock. They wall in silence for a moment, each engrossed in his thoughts- Henry thinking of a possible rejoinder to Kevin's logical masterstroke, Kevin thinking of the next thing to say without appearing smug. Kevin finally broke the ice although the weather was a bit hot.
"Where are you going to do your attachment this break?''
''Attachment? I'm not thinking of doing''.
''Again? You never do any attachment since 100 level''.
''Well, I'm not just that into it''.
''Like the movie title''.
''Never mind'', Kevin said quickly. ''E beta mey you do attachment. You go get some experience''
''No thanks, I want to experience my
inexperience for a little while longer''.
When they came to the place where each will head off to his hostel, they shook hands and give each other a half-hug.. In these days of gay rage guys in a full hug may attract unnecessary attention. As they head off to their respective
hostels, Kevin called out ''I will call you'' and
Henry replied '' I will text you"


  1. Interesting,makes me picture Kevin in 400level when am reading his part.When are we seeing the next episode?

  2. Nonsense post. Trash blog. Jobless webmasters. Are these the type of brainless lawyers this country will continue to produce?

    1. You lack manners and most of all you lack "BRAIN".You shouldn't be insulting the brains behind this blog.If you don't have anything nice to say then shut the hell up!!!.This is why sometimes I wish I were a witch,I woulda figured out who you are and dealt with you mercilessly and you will never post a stupid comment not only on this blog but any other blog,you "FOOL".

  3. Thanks for the good comment(s). New episodes would be posted every week. You can stay posted to this blog by subscribing to it with your email. You can also ff @legallysocial_ and or like this page: for latest updates on the blog. thanks