Friday, 27 July 2012


Serial Murderrances (conversations with myself PT1)

        Hello, beautiful people! What's up? Hope we are good?
And of course, Ramadan Kareem to my muslim brothers and sisters!!!!.
So I heard we've got a new Vice Chancellor now. Hmmmmmm.. 'Oshey'! And we got 150 views in our last post(introduction). :O *eyes popping like segun arinze's on a normal day* woooow!!! *faints* Thank u all. :D.. We won't "fall your hand"!
        On to today's post.... *grabs mic* This is the first episode of the series (Serial Muderrances) by Gbenga 'Adonis' Ogundoye.. This episode is titled "Conversations with myself PT1"


         I pushed the door open and stepped into my room feeling the chill of the bare floor on my feet. I instinctively reached for the switch, drawing my hand back as I realized there is no power, as usual. This is Nigeria, 2012. The lantern was in a corner. I groped through the darkness for it. The match sat beside it. It took two strikes for the tip of the match-stick to catch fire. The light in the lantern transformed from a weak bluish glow into strong red light and my room came into view.
A small room with a bare floor and no chairs, containing nothing interesting except for the incredibly small foam lying down on the cold floor. That is my bed. On the bed was a clutter of textbooks: Sagay's law of contract, Malemi's constitutional law in Nigeria, Asein's legal system in Nigeria all of which are voluminous numbering no less than 500 pages.
I stood with arms akimbo and regard the textbooks with an amused expression while voices talk in my head. The mocking voice said "you know you are really deceiving yourself thinking u have to get your head into these kinds of textbooks for five years before you can make it". The other voice said "can u tell me of a faster, easier way?". "Well", the mocking voice said, "I don't  know, but consider Justin bieber, he is only eighteen and he is worth 105 million dollars while u grovel here with nothing, and your age will tomorrow be......" "Another word from you and I will have you killed" said the second voice menacingly. "Kill me? You too dey watch film" laughed the mocking voice. Anyways, I go talk even if you no go hear. Look, find some solutions to your problems before your time runs out. Kids less than your age are controlling millions of dollars while you are still controlling units of naira, at your age! The second voice wasted no time in replying,"need I remind you that we are in Nigeria? How many kids my age have lots of money in Naija?" "Well I know two for certain", answered the mocking voice,"Wizkid and Davido". The second voice took a little time before speaking, "so do you want me to become like Wizkid? And not a respected lawyer? See, people like Wizkid do not have prestige in the higher society"... "But they have money" interjected the mocking voice. "Lawyers have prestige and they have......." the second voice began to say. "Please don't  say lawyers have money" interrupted the mocking voice, "because last time I checked, there are thousands of charge and bail lawyers out there, praying in their hole-in-the-wall offices for briefs that are not forthcoming. Hardly making enough money to justify the huge amounts spent on their legal education. That Justin Bieber kid can buy them ten times over", the mocking voice was rising with each word. "So do u suggest I start singing? "Yes". "But I don't have talent for singing". "Most of the dunces in the Nigeria music scene do not have talent either and they are making cool dough" .........................

Hmmmmm, folks,nice in it? But I'm sorry we can't go further than this,this week! So should tune in next week to the same blog, same time. *winks* ............

And please, if you hate anything about this blog, don't keep your emotions bottled up. Feel free to walk up to 'Jo-Spazm' and dash him a dirty slap. *evil grins*. And that's because he is my right hand man and also my special adviser on 'blogging' issue. Thanks for the slaps in advance..:D.. Till then,peace out!.......

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