Saturday, 17 November 2012

LSS ANKARA NIGHT!!! ANTICIPATE!!! ( Read and Win free tickets and ankara)

*Enters blog with goody bag* :D
      Yes, yes ya’ll! It’s Yemi again.. *sips Maltina*… It’s been ages  mahn! I mean it’s been like over a month and that. I really don’t know how to start apologising but I must say that I’m so sorry for the long ‘break in transmission’. School work has been so hectic and so we haven’t been able to post a lot on the blog lately. However, we back now to serve you all better..
And what is this I’m hearing about some LSSites not knowing about this blog? Hian? Are you a learner? (razz boy sweg x_x)! *sighs*
Anyways, that’s not the issue at hand. The ‘trending topic’ in and out of the faculty now is the Law Student Society’s (unilorin) Cultural&Ankara Night. There has been so much anticipation and trust me it’s gonna be the best of its kind in the school. 
Check this out.. 
It’s gonna feature the guest appearances of some major icons from Nollywood. 
I’m talking about the likes of Kunle Afolayan, Funsho Adeolu, Ibraheem Chatta, Jide Kosoko, Hafiz Oyetoro, Muyiwa Ademola , and of course Yeye Toyin Adegbola (Asewo toh re Mecca).
This year’s cultural night actually is in Honor of the one and only Kunle Afolayan (Figurine). 
And with Jide Kosoko as the father of the day, you know its mos def gonna be on point. 
Hafiz Oyetoro (inspector saka) as the guest speaker, you know we all gonna be rolling on the floor laughing out loud.
To be a part of this, all you gotta do is buy your Ankara (3yards), which goes for just 1000 Naira, (this comes with the ticket which is worth 500Naira). 
You could also go for the ticket only which would cost you just 500 Naira but when the day comes and you feel all left out because you are the only one not ‘rocking’ the fresh Lss Ankara, don’t say I didn't tell yah o.
        However, for folks who don’t love to spend (start catching your sub) and you are lucky to open this link, I congratulate you because ‘KnytSparxx’ have decided to throw in some free tickets. Actually, they have this to say; “
               “1st 10 people to buy tickets will get a 50% discount”
·         Download KnytSparxx's music and stand a chance to be one of the 5 people to get Ankara and a Ticket   free.
Requirements for the free Ankara and tickets:
·         To redeem the prize, the person must have both songs on his or her phone, "Never let u go" and "Got it Good"
·          The person will pick his or her favorite out of both songs and sing the chorus to the song”…..
And here are the links to the song: 
“Never let u go”

 *”Got it Good”[/url] “

WOW!!! Can you imagine? That’s all you gotta do to be a part of this great show for free..
oya start downloading na na !! hehe!.
And yes of course, our sponsors such as MTN Nigeria, JokeyMoore, House of Tara, NBC,and several others have agreed to throw in all sorts of freebies and you even stand the chance of winning massive prizes and gifts courtesy MTN Nigeria. All you gotta do is get your ticket and be present. It is as simple as that. 
The venue is the Performing Arts Theatre of in the University of Ilorin.
Artists performing there are; KnytSparxx, Monalisa (Monalee,) and several others (lips sealed till that day)…
We also have the undisputed performing arts students of unilorin showcasing what they've got for the world to see.
          See, if I don’t stop now I don’t think I’ll ever stop cos there are just too many things going down on the 30th of November 2012 in the unilorin PFA theatre.

For enquiries and bookings, you can get in touch with the following people; 
*Shehu Popson : 08032477496,,, BBM: 237EDB30
*Yemi(Me) : 08108678863,,,BBM : 30C385D9
*ELA Unilorin FM (LSS PRO) : BBM: 271f95d0
* Halima : BBM :22FC87D6..
          And of course, if you are present at the event, you will have the opportunity of seeing me dance live under the stage.*hehehehehe* *dodges several slaps*.. If you like, call that ‘Self wash’. *tongue out*…
And lest i forget, that of course is the beautiful Ankara that has been picked for the event.
I have to go now mehnOmo boy get ‘Conflict Of law’ assignment to do.. :D..
I must confess its was really nice doing this after a long time! :D
Cash you all lerra! Pizz out!


  1. hmm.. nice one.. looking forward to thhe ankara night! wud download dose songs too

  2. Oya na....¶ wil neva eva let u  ,gel u d 1 ¶ lovn most nd ¶ jst wana let u no...¶ l neva eva let u  neva let u go

  3. hmmm.... seems u know the song already.. just try and get in touch with us to claim ur prize after we confirm that u av met all the needed requirements.. will be waiting for u.. peace