Sunday, 14 July 2013

Up,Close&Personal with JAYRU.

Up,Close&Personal with JAYRU...

Yemi: Give us a Basic Introduction of yourself
JayRu: My names are Biodun Idemudia Inneh. Dat Bad Edo boi!!
Yemi: Wow. I had no idea you were from Edo. How did you get the name 'Biodun' then?
JayRu : We bear yoruba names too.
Yemi: Oh. That's cool..How was it like growing up?
JayRu : Haaa!!!Datz sum serious eish oo!!Buh basicall Pop z a pastor so I grew up @ church N spent all ma life growing up in IB Primary secondary Uni
Yemi: Wow! The preacher's son. Haha..I.B reppin still! Raa!How and when did you start Music?
JayRu: From the church oo!!Buh professionally I started 2009 N got 2 channel O nominations d same year Best Nu comer N Best Hip hop Artist categories
Yemi: Wow.. That's massive. Was gonna ask you how did you feel when you got your first channel O Award nominations?
JayRu: Lol. Well I wuz d last person 2 know o. It wuz incredulous
Yemi: I can only imagine the feeling. I must confess, you went really hard on your song 'Big bois anthem' What inspired the song?
JayRu: lol. Thankz. It wuz like wat I see ertime!!Erthang around me!!Erday activity
Yemi: You welcome. :). That's the hustle spirit. Dope!
The 'familiarity' tune was one of the biggest jams in 2011. What inspired that hit single and why did you choose wizkid for the feature?
JayRu: Lol. Wizkid hz bin a dude datve loved after I listened 2 hz Gidi gal song!!I saw summn different in him!!Pple were actually telling me do d song wiv a well known artist Cuz he jus got on d scene den....Buh I saw summn diff in him N trust M!!We didn't even write nuffin!!We jus went 2 samklefs studio N had fun wiv the beat. It wuznt a serious song Buh d outcome wuz amazing
Yemi: Wow! Just like that? That sick. I love Gidi gal too. I think its one of Wizzy's best tunes so far. And you know your song with him made the slang 'Famz' really popular right? How does that feel?
JayRu: Well...It wuz kool tho!Cuz sumtymes wen pple Holla @ me?Dey be like I jus dey hail o No famzing!
Yemi: Hahaha.. Na so.. I like your song 'Alligator'. Who produced it?
JayRu: Puffy T
Yemi: Oh. Puffy T! Aint heard any work from him in a long time..
lately ,You have been quiet silent in the commercial music scene in Nigeria. Why is that?
JayRu: Yea working on summn new!
Yemi: Can't wait to Jam the new tune. And by the way I like you F**k You freestyle.
JayRu: Lol
Yemi: Who is Nero and how did you meet him?
JayRu: Wiv bin 2geda even b4 d music Nero z a friend N d Ceo of ma label
Yemi: So I hear you and your clique shake the city of Ibadan with the cheddar. They call y'all the money bags of I.B.. So Mr .Jayru, how much are you worth?
JayRu: Lol. Can't be like I'm worth dz or dat God z still da boss N we living the good life
Yemi: Haha.. Amen. what's your most memorable moment as an artist?
JayRu: D day I saw ma video on Channel on d number spot 4 1 month
Yemi: Massive.
How has Music affected your personal live?
JayRu: Well sumtymes Itz crazy!!You know I just wanna take a walk N laff on m street or anywhere Buh now itz all about protocolz
Yemi: That's wassap!
How would you describe Your ideal woman?
JayRu: Looks doesn't matter 2 me tho!!Tall fat slim short!!!She gatta have dat beautiful inside N understanding
Yemi: Nice Choice Mr JayRu
So finally, before I go what do you have to say the upcoming artists out there?
JayRu:: Keep ur head up!!Be Humble!!Respect ur bosses!!Pray a lot!!Be determined!!
Yemi: Yes boss! And its a wrap. Thanks a lot for granting us this interview on the LSS(unilorin) Social blog despite your tight schedule. We would be looking forward to more of your hits soon. God bless
JayRu : Blessings!!
Yemi: YB!
And that's all. The interview is over. Thanks a lot for you time. Appreciate
JayRu: Yw!!!
S/O out 2 LSS Big thangs Ah Gwan!!

Yemi: Yes boss. :D


  1. Pretty interesting interview.Big ups (Y)