Sunday, 14 July 2013



Law... The ever salient principle of life
If it is, why must it be taught
The course, one which many must attain, even with strife
But the integrity required by this field cannot be bought
Its the field which hosts the temple of justice
But sadly, unconsciously entertains workers of injustice
It entails the application of 5 years academic study to a life time of practise
But unfortunately,justice lies in the heart and hands of the beholder.
Knowing these about my desired profession,
I refuse to be discouraged from taking a stand in the fight
The field filled with Zombies of negative arbitration
I will sharpen my sword and start with the practise of what is right
I will take shield from the wrong proliferation
And the truth, on which I have vowed to rely, shall be my light
The legal profession pervades all spheres of life
Therefore, I won't sit back and let my experience waste
I shall admit it in the course of representing the faceless
Speaking for the voiceless
Advocating abundance for the hopeless
And yes, perpetuate redefined justice for countless!
It won't be easy but what is too difficult for a man who believes?
This is not a mere article, its a call to order to my generation
A ray of hope that should rest on the hearts of you fellow colleague
That the revolution of a redefined legal system and society rests on our hands
Not to help us share of the national cake
But to mast a war, that would cause the national cake to come tumbling down
That WE ALL shall have even a chunk to ourselves.

By @dhamey_splendor

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