Saturday, 29 June 2013

Make a pay-day off a holiday.

Make a pay-day off a holiday by @dhamey_splendor

Yippee... The holidays are here
My books can burn to ashes for all I care, after all I've worked my butt all session, so having some fun and luxury to myself is only fair, for all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy... This must be the thought of the larger number of us...

BUT... Before we make this dreadful decision, we must bear in mind that we live in a society where HARD WORK is the surest way to success... And time, which is money is that which can only accommodate hard work. Before we decide to use our free seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and MONTHS to eat, watch movies, play games, visit cinemas, beaches, and all the facets of entertainment in this life, we must reason carefully and rationally.

The mind is a gold mine, the only entitlement and belonging of man which cannot be robbed of him. The mind can accommodate knowledge, creativity and talent, exemplary literacy and intellectual skills... It is that which helps you put the little pieces of your life together and paint the BIG PICTURE. But hey, don't forget I mentioned 'pieces'. When a man's mind is empty... It would be safe to say that his life porous because there are no even pieces to put together, therefore there is no vision. My dear, no matter how many Chris Brown and Rihanna songs you know, if U've not started writing your own songs or singing, you've not started! Some people say that they do not have any creative talent, but I beg to STERNLY disagree. Everyone has a gift, a potential from God, we just need to dig deeper in order to find it...

The Holidays as earlier said are the only free time we have on our hands, its the season that we are at liberty to do what we want. The main purpose of this piece is to suggest productive activities which we can engage, in order to spend our time prolifically rather than embracing frivolities. Below are some activities which can be engaged during the holidays:

Summer internships;chamber attachments maybe: in such an instance, one should ensure that there is proximity at such a place (you don't want to be put under too much stress or pressure).

  • Driving school
  • Catering school
  • Sewing apprenticeship or fashion designing
  • Babysitting jobs (funny isn't it?, but trust me its fun)
  • Computer training
  • Minor jobs (probably sales management jobs)
  • Learning how to play Musical instruments or probably dance classes

Also, develop your creative skill, if you're a writer, build up your writing skills, fashion designer, artist(e), painter, cook... Just keep doing it... Develop your skills. Developing what you have a passion for is an easy way to enrich your life...

Moreso, live responsibly, do your house chores and duties... Do not defy your domestic responsibilities because charity begins at home.
Lastly, mend your relationship with your creator, serve him where necessary, and put him first in all your doings.

Remember that the mind is a gold mine, only hard work can reap its gold which may either pay off now, or in the nearest future, but CERTAINLY will!!!