Saturday, 29 June 2013



It’s no longer news that OJB, one of Nigeria's most spectacular music producers is suffering from a kidney failure and needs 16 million naira for a kidney transplant.
He has called on friends, colleagues and the general public to support him in raising this money.
According to OJB, he has been intensive battle with this ailment for the past two years and has been receiving treatments which cost up to 2 million naira yearly.
In previous years, OJB's daughter has also suffered from cancer of the heart which he says cost the up to $47,000 for the operations. 
At this critical point, OJB calls out to every Nigeria to come out and help in anyway they can.
Some celebrities have assisted by contributing part of it but it’s still yet to be complete.
The fund-raising committee also wishes to let the public know that false rumours of major donations by some public figures are negatively affecting their ability to raise adequate funds. The Lagos State government has stopped any further assistance due to these rumours.
Source: Muyiwa Osinuga aka @Mr_Nomoreloss (Head of the Fund-Raising Committee)
For all contributions for Ojb's surgery, the account to pay in is (Babatunde Okungbowa.UBA – 1015075120).
Thank you very much and God bless 

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