Friday, 16 August 2013


Behind those opening walls and closed gates.
Lived a rebel on the run with a floating tale.
Of true akkadian roots to break a grievious branch.
This waterfalls never let our tears stand a chance.

The mind of a roman and the turso of a spartan.
Filled his bellies with gold without the consent of our gamblers.
A true native of no real nativity.
Invade our mental castle to reinstate all intellectual dignitaries.

Hidden far deep in the mesopotamia creeks.
This rebel shrieks as the pebble squeals.
Dont blame the gods for your hard chew.
They sent the rain,but you buried the bad fruit.

Destiny is treachrous to its own beholder.
Always a new day as the skin gets older.
I deviate not from this tale not because of its nature of apparent fantasy.
The rebel is you,babylon is your flesh,eaten in canker deep.

Written and edited by,
Abidemi oyewole en-classique.
Copyright protection upheld.

posted by Oladapo Olayemi

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