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…As Ade quickens hastily into a gradual blur John takes after him in a sprint chase but his pants run even backwards, they are embarrassingly and unusually big in this age when immorality is order and righteousness has willingly hunted, exiled, and locked itself away to wroth in the woods of clogged memory; at a time of tight fitted pants. They manage to defeat his will over and over as his tired and helpless legs struggle. Ade, who is now very far ahead is jinxed with yet his own share of the unfortunate stretch of existence in street cred, an unwanted sight for apathetic eyes, yet  right in front of them stands an energetic Tade, they exchange a short chant then go on to exchange a few more random words but for somewhat longer than it ordinarily in reasonable sense ought to take words like; “brother howfar<>lowkey bruh, howfar you every?<>lowkey things<>baba lowoyi na you sure<>if I hear, I swear nah you<>shey you say make your boy run hook something?<>omo tiny joint self go do me…” I’ll just leave the rest of the conversation to your experience-motivated imagination. Doomed generation! Right? Maybe pupcie was at least right about this one thing, this goes on in Ade’s mind while he reluctantly plants the seeds of doominess together with Tade.  John who by now had been chasing-mute for quite long over a relatively short distance, currently puffed and panting wishing he is pantless bumps into the two from behind, grabs Ade on the right by his shoulder a grab near the hip or so would attract unnecessary attention alright? No, not here it won't , like “I gat you” he throws his head to Ade’s company and this single being sends his spirit to heaven and back half way…”oh! fuck” conscious enough to make sure that was meant for Ade’s ears alone while Tade could hardly hear less than a thing of the F word from his right ear on john’s end so he tosses his head to his extreme right just behind john’s left like his left ear would have heard better he utters “you said?” “I said brother wassup” “oh!” now relaxed “I’m not your brother john how many times can a man possibly be born?” Ade, why does he have to say that every single time?” Ade opens his palms wide like the answer is written on them for him to see, john looks into the palms in boundless expectation only to find no answer to his mystery, his disappointed eyes it yet again directed towards Ade’s face whose sealed lips had enlasted to as far as his chicks while John stared at his palms “I don’t know partner, your name’s john! I mean its not like you exactly belong around here” the dreaded john obviously carrying a ringingly thrilled face watches as the two shake a loud laughter of their hands but in Ade’s opinion he’d saved the day I mean he did gat him. He cleverly steps aside while he graciously allows john a taste of excitement; Tade is as stubborn as john’s disturbed state reflects a legend on these roads, so he happily takes john on yet another long and fresh chanting interview perfectly similar to the earlier one between himself and Ade. This goes on as Ade smiles with his heart wild open this excitement lasts for a short while before a huge pack of fellow runz boys genuinely pries his heart open they all take turns, smack and shake hands in a distinct and seemingly wicked manner, it even seems as though they are hurting one another the loud and rhythmless chants, barking most appropriately continues, Ade excuses himself, takes a few steps enough to stay clear of the horde, for a while there he takes a sober ablution john discharges himself too as they both attempt to cleverly flea the scene Ade turns around and bumps into a, believe me, gorgeous…ok enough of the day dream-chasing and ceiling-counting; splendour  normally a heavy slap or two would gesture the beauty off her face for bumping into Ade but she isn’t at all terrified and he doesn’t appear nearly offended so there is a parley stand down. Ade isn’t all that bad I mean just a few of the babes around crush on him secretly, 'churchies' included, the rest; openly of course. They both say less than no word though there is sincere apologies clearly written  on them he collects her phone from the sands it had fallen into without missing any expected expression on her face just as if he never bent for the phone. His heart pounds heavily while his mind raises, but out of unusual coyness  he rescues himself from her eyes and walks past her in full regret and relief at the same time, ”hey!” she suddenly calls on him, Ade turns around almost at once in full exhilaration but into a disappointment she stretches out and hands him his wallet, the one she picked while he picked her phone once again they are both arrested and this time it appears there isn’t a way out  john had continued his swaggering display into a distance where he waits just ahead like he’d been challenged to while Ade sets some P which actually is 'setting an escape Plan', he gently hops and hurdles up and down in a restricted horizon. By now Ade had successfully murmured a few fragrant words out he continues with“...I must confess you are incredibly, smokingly gorgeous, almost too beautiful you almost ugly, too charming I believed I needed an escape from your sight well I’m still planning one though…and your smile, so captivating that it seems scary, you’ll know, I’m scared right now right? I almost don’t know what……."I’ll just leave the rest of the clowning to your imagination. It was as though they had stepped into each other’s shadows, the world stands still, quiet, though some may be sitting but that doesn’t count the moment lingers and endures while they maintain this tasking gaze, lost in one another, even I can see them from every viewpoints as the wind takes me on a circumvolution of them, it almost seems like the heavens have come here and expunged all the devils below leaving these two behind. As Ade spills those words gently she quietly reaches for her jeans with her right hand she wouldn’t want to distract him away from the excellent job he seems to be doing, digs straight into her right front pocket while the other hand is cast to her back pocket, as if she involuntarily left those hands in a gaol the rest of her body lifts to heights though her legs are still sealed to the same spot, in Ade’s shadow, I think that sounds even better; eyes permanently motionless, Ade continues his incantations while she stands there lost in disbelief, astonishment, willingness and in a pleasant recklessness, he could almost capture every little smile though his cred bank and of course imaginary wank bank is filled with the huge ones already. By now the barking pack, I mean the guys, gradually, their loud chants faint into the thin air as they sell their concentration to these two at no fee, Ade’s excellence too unfortunately fades into a sudden relapse, she could now notice an obviously captivated array of spectators so out of her long mum, with her tongue she greases from within and pushes her lips to detach, Ade lowers into an even more self-assured relaxation, prepared to make a “yes” response  to whatever that is uttered  from these angelic lips while waiting he is sure she might take forever  so he starts thinking  of a lot more lines…”I wasn’t smiling!”, yes! Ade had responded before he could hear what she had said or think and now that he has the true words, bitter isn’t it? He replies with confusion written all over him “oh... really?” she nods, the disapproval on her face at this moment seems even greater than the one she wore when she uttered her first and only words, he manages  to stutter a few more words before he's finally knocked out “I I thought I’d, I mean I could’ve bet I clocked your sealed lips move back there…but its all good I guess you can't win it all that’s what they say right?” she almost gives up her pretence for another solemn smile but she holds very firm with her mind but since she can't do the same to her voice and words she’d rather keep mute. A rumble had begun in Ade’s mind, mightier than that in his stomach but nothing compared to the mutiny in his head, a lady’s muteness can of course cause a lot than said. He wouldn’t want to aggravate the embarrassment he’s to retire into so he manages to hold his breathe and barely gestures with his face meaning “I’ll…I'll just go” he turns around while she still stands , apparently the devils are back and perhaps their own shadows they stood in left with the heavens, he flings his head downwards, dejected  he fixes his eyes to his wet feet visible from under his heavy timbs so he can quickly think of a lie or two to save himself and to immaculate her conception in the fatherhood of his own self and give the expectant hears of john and, of course the rest a cool name at least since he didn't get one. Ade is so good that to john but the rest even beneath his perfect pretence he could find his own share of the disappointment as Ade struggles in futile containment of his humiliation and regret. He genuinely puffs empty, holds blank,  thrusts wide, and fades in………suddenly, he catches a quiet, tender, healing, and angelic voice “wait!” Ade’s personal saviour calls from heaaven unto him who hath wroth of the torment of the mere darkness of hell’s gate. He turns at once into his own salvation……..but sudden darkness is cast at my sight…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. :)

by wole

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