Tuesday, 6 August 2013


The gloves are off, claws out teeth bared, swords drawn knives at the ready-the transfer window is getting nasty
 For the first time it's become really personal as premier league clubs scrap amongst themselves for the diminishing pool of top-class football talent
    Bar the odd transfer, top flight clubs usually look elsewhere-overseas and in lower league ofnew players.  The was the famous tapping-up case of Ashley Cole by Jose Mourinho from rival arsenal in his first x spell at chelsea that become a public spat- so can we say it's no coincidence that this summer it's all getting very incentious the summer he can back to england?
     Last week, chelsea were the first to bite when they took the unusual step of releasing a statement having a dig at manchester united when they made an offer for wayne rooney
    They confirmed the offer had been made but added; "although the terms of the offer are confidential, for avoidance of doubt and contrary to what is apparently been briefed to the press in sydney, the proposed purchase does not include the transfer out kidfn of any players from chelsea to manchester united". Damn that was a bad punchline.
    It became clear that united had not, IN FACT briefed anyone on the nature of chelsea's offer for the english striker; but we can assume they started the rumor of an offer of cash + player (David Luiz or Juan Mata two of their best men lady season).
    It is believed that this rumor was started to cause commotion in the ranks of Chelsea FC and to bring their fans against them for the potential arrival of Wayne Rooney (lets face it,WAZA didn't perform as much as any of these guys lady season), and possibly kick against ther transfer.
    Also the very public pursuit by Mourinho, piling-in with jab after jab, telling Rooney he shouldn't play second fiddle manchester united's last season Robin Van-Persie and that his world cup place is under threat shows that the club had departed from the 'discreet' and 'professional' way of conducting player transfer.
   AND Yes, Luis Suarez, this one is even crazier,
   First, it started with the north london club bidding a ridiculously low £30million offer for the want-away player. Liverpool were having non of it. Then they upped their offer and THEN, words got out (presumably from Suarez camp) that the Uruguayan has a clause in his contact that an offer of £40m would trigger what the controversial player's camp believe gives him the right to speak to a club but liverpool claims that they are only entitled to inform him and they are not obligated to sell. In short, Arsenal offered £40,000,001, notice the extra 1 POUND, I didn't too when I first read the news-the cheeky extra ONE POUND I called it.
   Then came the rebuttal from liverpool owner John Henry when he replied through twitter: "what do you think they are smoking over there at emirate". Whatever it is, they bought it from chelsea.
    There is still enough time for more drama to kick off. United are interested in Gareth Bale (oh my! Oh my!!). Arsenal could get involved with Cesc Fabregas' bid(S), they have a fixed-buy-back-tfirst-option in the contract that sent him to Camp Nou and are also interested in Wayne Rooney,   OJUKOKORO I call it.
    This could get messier before the transfer window closes in England-2nd september. Biting, scratching, and even well-aimed punches are all permitted.
   How I wish they employ me-public fight is the disease of we Ibadan people.

By Busari Isa Olalekan

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