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Nigeria Finally Wins Gold At The Olympics

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Nigeria Finally Wins Gold At The Olympics

Yes! You read right…..Nigeria finally wins a gold medal at the on-going olympic game. Gold not in the actual line-up of sports but gold in the war against Ghana that took place on ‘Twitverse’ (Twitverse: twitter + universe)
NAME OF WAR: The ‘BLACK’ Friday.
BRIEF HISTORY: The war started thursday 2nd of August as a result of Nigeria’s loss to U.S.A in a game of Basketball where it ended 156 – 73. Which meant they broke the record of most points scored in a game. They also had 29 three-point shots -that’s crazy! (F*** them mehn! Our yahoo guys are gonna have their sweet revenge). Well, that’s enough reason for anyone to have a good laugh…..anyone except GHANAIANS! Our Ghanaian brothers began sending hilarious tweets to mock Nigerians laughing the black away from their own skin. Already angry Nigerians replied teaching them that the only people allowed to diss Nigerians are NIGERIANS!
COUNTRIES INVOLVED: Nigeria, Ghana and citizens of other countries who I think died laughing.
Though I noticed that most Nigerians didn’t know how to spell the word ‘Ghanaian’ they wrote it as ‘ghanian’ but who cares? Let the bashing begin! Enjoy the tweets below lol:
“@SantosTHEBOSS: From today, call your shadow , your “Ghanaian Side”
“@LaughorYawn: Never Abuse a Ghanian with d ‘Complexion’ bcos….IT IS NOT FAIR !!!!!”
“@DRealNexus: If Micheal Jackson had been born a Ghanaian..he wud have gone bankrupt trying 2 go white :(
@olaks1: Ghanians don’t need to wear black to mourn their late president They can jst walk naked”
“@SantosTHEBOSS: If Michael Jackson had hugged a Ghanaian in his last days, he would have been black again”
“@Teamworldpiss: Wonder what BLACKberry is called in Ghana…..OURberry maybe?”
“@Xclusivitie: The irony of telling a ghanaian child “you have a BRIGHT future”
“@dizzydaystop: Dalmatians used to be white…..until a Ghanian tried to hug one”
“@teamworldpiss: There’s a thin line between mid-nyt and ghana ryt? Or its d same thing?”
“@teamworldpiss: Perform liposuction on a fat ghanaian is how u get Grease for Machines”
“@killed_cupid12: At least a Ghanaian made it into Mortal Kombat… NOOB SAIBOT!!!”
“@Dayolaree: The Ghanaian Ambassador to Nigeria has lamented being constantly ignored at meetings, because he is mistaken for a SHADOW”
“@teamworldpiss: Wen the map of africa was made, sum1 used a portion to wipe the ass, that’s how ghana was added…”
“@mienah_muazu: The second world war started Under the armpit of a Ghanaian chick.”
“@teamworldpiss: During d Creation of ghanaians…. God: Oops! I burnt them”
“@FxckElla: Shame on your complexion. Silly Ghanian. RT: @Ay_zee_u: Shame on nigeria.”
Some even had pictures:
When Ghanaians Visited Nigeria
Twitter Is Black In Ghana
How Ghanaians Make Whites Feel
A Ghanaian's Passport
FINAL VERDICT: Nigeria wins! Takes the gold medal. To them its worth more than a gold medal, its a “statement for life”. Statement to Ghanaians and other countries to watch who they mess with next time.
P.S: Don’t take this too personal, its just me trying to be crazy as usual and i do hope that title got u real bad. On to the next one! Great week ahead.
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