Wednesday, 8 August 2012


There has been a great deal of SILENCE On here. We (I mean the whole team) sincerely apologize It is in our bid to serve y'all better! Hope You all enjoying this


............. There was a momentary pause in the conversation. The pounding of the brain was the ticking of the clock in clock in the realm of the mind. The mocking voice was the first to break the ice, "I can tell you of another way". "Which way is that?" asked the second voice. "Yahoo" the mocking voice said softly. "Sorry I didn't catch that". "Yahoo", repeated the mocking voice. "BULLSHIT" said the second voice vehemently,"TOTAL BULLSHIT". "Look I'm only trying to advise you because..." "I don't need your advice"
"That day when u curled up here crying because that boxed up guy with the sleek Honda stole ur girlfriend..... ","stop it" "...was pitiful and you've become seriously thin because u only eat only one and a half times a day"... " I said stop it"..."Plus I know that right now u hv less than 500 naira in your wallet and there is nothing in ur account..." 'STOP IT'..."u only have three shirts and all of them r pitifully old..." 'WILL.YOU.STOP.THAT!!­!' "so why go through all of these when u r not even sure of a decent job after graduation? That's why I'm advising u to try Yahoo"...'BULLSHIT'.­.."Try yahoo"...'BULLSHIT'. "yahoo is the way to go"... 'I SAID. B U L L S H I T!!!'.
The words came out of my mouth with strong force and I was jolted back to reality. I had been staring at Sagay's law of contract while the insane conversation went on in my brain. I must have bin staring for more than twenty minutes. It was 9:30pm and the hostel had become quiet. I caught my reflection in the mirror which hung on the wall next to which my bed lay. My eyes were red and my cheeks hollow, the partial cause of which is the twelve hours I spend in skul evry monday to friday. I had not taken off my white and black. I loosened my tie and used it to clean the beads of perspiration forming on my forehead. Before I took off my white and black, packed those damn textbooks from the bed and flung myself on my foam, I took one long look at the mirror and thought to myself, 'I'm going nuts'.

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