Sunday, 19 August 2012


When Wymce and Popson told me about this blog idea, my expression went "finally! Some real sense on the social scene around here"... lol, that's me trying to act important and all. On a real though, this is the sort of kick our social lives as lawyers-in-the-making need. I am pretty sure I am not beside myself on this thought especially as the blog has been a massive rocker so far.
Not wild, somewhere between serious and not so serious, astute, educating and entertaining all at once. It is in this awesome spirit that we have also taken it upon our coo-selves to enlighten y'all, our seemingly  not-so-learned-in-the-world-of-fashion&style  colleagues.
Well it is true! You have to agree with me that the majority of the students at the faculty lack any real sense of style. Really. It's either too much [make up,accessories et cetera] or shabby or many times JUST NOT IT!! where you can't point out what is wrong exactly but the whole look is just plain wrong.
And you know,I've heard a few people say  "its just white shirts and black trousers/skirts, tie with black flat and dull shoes". One word- SAD!
To my mind [adding some legal flava,lol], there's a lot more to law student's attire than just plain boredom without necessarily contravening set rules or looking over dressed. In fact I believe we must maximize the simplicity of our regulation dress. By mixing and matching, accessorizing with the right finger clothing [well,you know what finger foods are right?so u get my drift], the right shoes and maybe the perfect make-up! and hair do too!
At this point, I wish I had pictures to back up my stance on current state of things. However, it's okay because I remain optimistic that we are all on the same page in that regard.
Anyway, having SUCCESSFULLY introduced the section [STYLE COURT], I don't have to tell you to anticipate great tips on how to achieve that fantastic corporate-yet-chic "lawyerly" (if I'm permitted to say that) look from here, do I? *winks*
Stick around and keep enjoying the holidays!

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  1. Hello y'all. I jez wantu say this idea is a big thang for your faculty. I am a student of ABUAD(Afe Babalola Uni., Ado-Ekiti)and this post just made me recollect a Law conference that was held in my school. Peeps from UniIlorin were looking know.
    There is every reason to be smart and brilliant and all. But there is a bigger reason why fashion should be mixed with school. Ever heard of Brain and Beauty? It thrills me.
    I'm appreciating the initiator of this column on your behalf.
    Help your peeps girlfriend.